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PLacing a billboard in C++

Greetings Fellows of Oculus Dev and congratulations on a well - done SDK released . the C++ samples compile and execute falwlessly, which is great.Now for my question : I took the simple room example , and wanted to place a billboard , 5 units away f...

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Can't lauch app in the oculus Store

Hi, we are a little team starting to develop 3D apps for the riftWith Unity we created a simple first person camera app, to upload it to the alpha channel. It runs well in Unity(play button) or when clicking the .exe file. The problem is that after d...

Render Text to a HUD

I'm trying to write text to the occulus Rift Display. The closest sample I've seen is the occulus tiny room (locomotion) example which is very in depth. I've managed to create two layers.Layer 0 contains my 3D worldLayer 1 contains a bitmap that I've...

How can i check if primaryhandtrigger is pressed?

Hello everyone,Me and some friends are developing a new VR game where we are currently making a vr character enabled to use guns that he has on his body.So far it works well, but the primaryindextrigger is a bit sketchy. So my question it, do you fol...

SDK OpenGL samples

Hi, Is the TinyRoom OpenGL sample up-to-date for SDK 1.24? I'm updating my LWJGL3 example, and want to make sure it reflects best practice, especially since I noticed a lot of changes with regard to handling the eye pose.Also is that the only OpenGL ...

How To Disable Eye To Neck Distance in Unity

Hello,i am using the OVRCameraRig in my Avatar, but on rotating the oculus the Left/Center/RightAnchor is rotating around some invisible neck anchor in a very strange way. I've tried to Disable Personalized Rendering For This Eye Position in the Ocul...

JohnDe by Level 2
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How to save the head position data?

Hello, I'm working on a university project and I would like to know how can I save the position data of the oculus. I'm working on an app on Blend4web, and can add a script in it (even though I know very little about coding). The data are needed to a...

Beta Release Channel Cap

We're planning to launch a beta soon and hope to invite a large number of our users to test our application. Unfortunately, as each channel supports only 100 users, we are predicting issues and increased overhead with managing users and builds across...

Reference mesh for Oculus sensors

Hello,I'd like to display the tracking sensors within the game, as a visual cue for players to reorient themselves.Are there reference meshes available for download somewhere that I could use to model the sensors from?Thanks,Julien

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How to create and use TextureSwapChain in OpenGL?

Hello, I'm currently trying to use the Native SDK of OVR.But I've a problem : https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/pcsdk/latest/concepts/dg-render/What should I put instead of "...", I tried FBOs, but doesn't works.And how to use while render i...