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Can not add email adress as New test user

Hello Oculus community,I could not up this topic : https://forums.oculus.com/developer/discussion/43357/cannot-add-test-usersMaybe is it too old ? NevermindI always added users by ID, it was working fine, UNTIL NOW.Today, to add a new user to a test ...

bchaps by Explorer
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Linking Oculus Client Product Page From Site

On a website I can create a button that opens the Oculus Client on a PC with the "oculus:" URLI noticed in the Registry Editor that its command can take an argument (preset by url) "C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-client\OculusClient.exe" -- -...

Constellation tracking api for custom controllers?

I have been looking everywhere for the api for the Constellation tracking.I have a cyberglove which I would like to add position tracking through IR leds with to save on the requirement of needing another means of positional tracking (and cost).I see...

Low-level sensor details

During the development I found the euler angle from IMU sensor provided was mixed by the camera data. Like fusion one as result.Is there way I can get the original data from accelerometer, gyroscope without mixture?Thanks

Are Facebook Still Funding Developers..?

During the Oculus Connect 2 and 3 keynotes Oculus announced that Facebook would be funding developers to the tune of $250m for the following year, but during Oculus Connect 4 there was no mention of further funding.Are Facebook still funding develope...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Minor bug in Locomotion sample #20

The SDK v1.19.0 includes these new locomotion demos. One of them seems to have a bug: the example 20/32 (counter-movement with yellow artificial world) uses the correct translation (inverse movement) but incorrect rotation (double the rotation, inste...

stenyak by Protege
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Oculus Home overrides WebVR

I haven't been able to nail down a root cause and reliable path to reproduce but when trying to start a WebVR experience in Firefox the view in my Oculus Rift will fade to black like its going to go into the experience but then fades back to Oculus H...

Oculus browser crash calling URL

I'm developing a virtual Tour using Krpano software.here the link of the tour (work in progress)http://demo.visual4d.it/VR_expo/tour.htmlMy actual problem is when is call a web URL from inside the tour (example: pressing the "gear" icon on the floor)...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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MacOS High Sierra Support?

With MacOS High Sierra being released in a few days, having native support for external GPUs and the iMac Pro having a VR ready GPU, what is the status of the Oculus Runtime and SDK for MacOS? Is there any sort of timetable for when the runtime and S...

ndcollins by Honored Guest
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Logging Capabilities via SDK

I have a very high-level question.Is it possible to log or the following types of information via the Oculus SDK (while e.g. using the DK2): head position with 3D coordinates/directions, eye positions, hand/controller positions, buttons pressed, the ...

rbierig by Honored Guest
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How does the Ping filter in Matchmaking work?

Hello,yes does anyone know how the 'Consider Ping Time' option works in the matchmaking?I mean do you get actual player-to-player pings?Or do you get player-to-Oculus-server ping?Is anyone using this and can comment on how well it works?CheersFredrik

Fredrum by Expert Protege
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People with eye issues?

Hope I'm posting this in the right place  Question: Will the Rift allow people with eye/visual impairments be able to fully enjoy/use this device? An example: People blind in one or have sever vision loss in one eye that cant be corrected with conta...

cdranosm by Honored Guest
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Viewing stereoscopic images with Oculus Rift

Hi all,Quick question I have been having trouble with for some time. I have created a scene using 3DS Max and set up an object with two cameras attached to it, corresponding to the left and right eye. If I set the cameras properties to have a FoV of ...

AdamL288 by Honored Guest
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Newbie question/idea regarding in-game movement

I've recently gotten interested in VR and have noticed that one, large hurdle seems to be the problem of how to walk/run in games. I've looked into rigs like Virtuix Omni and KAT Walk, but they seem like they are (and will remain) constricting and li...

Oculus Design Improvement Concept

So I included this in some of the public facing forums as well, but I figured it worthwhile to share with the developer side as well and was interested to hear what people have to say about this.This would increase the cost of the device but also wou...

fzs7217 by Honored Guest
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