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Please get SS integrated in OH !

Will you put an option to bring SS into Oculus Home in the near future, so there is no need to use third party software ?Or a plug-in directly accessible into the home ?Like in Steam VR ?

display on 2 screen + occulus? (SOLVED)

Hello,I'm develloping a student game with Unity for Occulus rift+ touch. My gameplay is asymetrical, 1 player in the Occulus and 1 on the PC. (they don't see the same thing)The point is, i need to show both players screens to people for the final sho...

Trallor by Level 2
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SDK 1.3 Messes with the Foreground Window

I am not a game developer, but a designer of a scientific application. My VR app uses a typical MFC Window UI to select files to load and set various options for display in VR. The Window is on its own user thread so it will not interfere with the VR...

Issues with AdaptiveGpuPerformanceScale

Hello,I'm trying to use this for adaptive resolution as done in the sample code. However, it won't work because AdaptiveGpuPerformanceScale is giving back values too high. What I'm seeing is at about 90 FPS at AdaptiveGpuPerformanceScale ~= 1.2. I'm ...

Head Tracking with Oculus IR Sensors?

HiI thought about getting additional to my Rift an IR Tracking system for games that not having Support for the Rift yet but for headtracking. Would it be possible to use the IR Sensor of the Oculus to do this? And if yes what do I need for that?

Sensor near Z plane pushed out to 1.5m?

Some time over the last 9 days my FrustumNearZInMeters value for all three sensors has changed from something fairly small to 1.5m. The FrustumFarZInMeters is 3m. Was this part of runtime 1.12?This is both in my own software and the oculus sdk's came...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Body location vs head/hmd location?

My game includes first person VR standing view, which has got me thinking about see-ing your own body in view.Is it possible at the moment , in particular with standing/room space to know where the body is ?For example if the player were to bend and ...

I want to know more about the rift motion sensor.

1. In the case of vive, i can implement room scale with only two sensors. I wonder if rift needs to have at least some motion sensors.2. I wonder why the internet needs at least four to implement a room scale using a rift motion sensor.3. I want to k...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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OculusDebugTool "can`t find HMD or not connected"

Hello everyone!  Need help again  i download OculusSDK and want to start OculusDebugTool, but it don`t start and give me message like "can`t find HMD or not connected" or something like this search and find some topics about this, but don`t have a...

API Access for Performance HUD Numbers

I am trying to figure out how to get programmatic access to the app tracking to mid-photon latency number in my application, as from past discussions with Oculus engineers that is the best number to use for overall performance that takes things like ...

owenwp by Level 5
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Laptop MSI gs63VR

Hello all,I am orienting to buy a new laptop. I'm looking for a portable laptop to do some developing on location as well as to take it with me abroad to give demonstrations. Is there anyone that tried the oculus + touch with the new MSI gs63VR lapto...

NvdL by Level 2
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Using of the Oculus PC SDK with a commercial product?

I have some problem about the terms of Oculus PC SDK license.What is the "Oculus Approved Products" means?Does it means a commercial software product need to submit to Oculus by some procedure to become a "Oculus Approved Products" which use Oculus P...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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VR Dashboard

Hi there. I am a student looking to create an application, similar to that of HELLO V that displays a UI Dashboard as an overlay for any VR Game but am unsure how to go about this. Does anyone know where a good place to start would be? Cheers.

op-vr by Level 2
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Is there a way to diable the menu button on the ORT?

Working on a game that will be set up in an exibition. Therefore there won't nessessarily be someone on hand to help people use the ORT. I'd rather people not have the ability to use the "menu" button to leave the game. Is there a way to disable this...

Huge 3D Models (fbx)

Hi,I'm developing a VR system for CAD/BIM applications in construction. The solution specifically aims at visualizing HUGE 3D models. By huge I mean at least 1Gb fbx files excluding textures, so models with lots of meshes. I've tested the system with...

g33rt by Level 2
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Geforce or Quadro graphics?

I'm running a Quadro card at work with UE4 and wondering if the card is not the best choice for using with the Oculus Rift DK2 - it's a Quadro K4000.Is there any line of thought on this? What if I switched to a GTX 770?

Peripherals and SDK support

Quick question, I have not had time to dig into the Oculus SDK but is there support for adding third party peripherals to the proprietary communication system that links the controllers with the HMD? or would hardware developers need to setup our own...

ASW with the 290x?

Please tell me this will be enabled in the future!I say this as the 3xx series support was enabled and the 2xx series would surely benefit from it as much if not more.Cheers!

kuroko by Level 3
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