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Does anybody know how to disable the ASW

in the sdk documentation it says to go to regedit,hkey local machine,software, oculusvr llc ovr lib make a dword value 1 also does not say if it is supposed to be 64bit dword or 32 bit dword however when I installed my oculus I saved in my d drive so...

sniper39 by Honored Guest
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Facebook committed $250 million last October to specifically fund VR content in addition to a previous $250 million pledged by Oculus.My Questions:Responsible person for the fund.How to apply for the fund? where on the oculus site can i read more abo...

Great664 by Honored Guest
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Swapchain for Vulkan API?

Once SDK 1.0 comes along, could you provide a way to retrieve swapchain in vulkan? Well. Swapchain or bunch of VkImages you can render to. Whichever fits for you.https://www.khronos.org/registry/vulkan ... _swapchain

cheery by Explorer
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DK2 Unity3D

Hello , good morning. Can i get help what is the latest runtime , Utilities, and unity version that run on DK2

HackGU by Honored Guest
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Resolved! How to recenter from Universal Menu? (using Unity5)

Hi, I'm developing a game for Oculus Home Early Access, for PC only, with Unity5. The question is:I'm using Unity, how can I recenter the app when the user press the recenter option from the Oculus Universal Menu? I have a custom button to recenter i...

Grip, Triggers and ovrButton

Hi All, Just curious, why does the Touch's Triggers have a Touch ovrButton state (and ovrButton enum) but the Touch's Grips do not?i.e. You are informed by state that the Triggeres are touched from the default states but you do not report the same ab...

Duncan by Protege
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Remote and ovrButton_Enter or ovrButton_A

Hi All,Not sure if this has been reported but when using the following:ovr_GetInputState( session, ovrControllerType_Remote, &state)The state.Buttons is setting the ovrButton_Enter bit for the Remote's Select button and not the ovrButton_A.The header...

Duncan by Protege
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Oculus Mirror Tool return to old functionality?

Is there a way to get the mirror tool to go back to what it was intended for?Originally in 1.13 the tool showed the raw view (post distortion) of what was being sent to the screen. It was described as a debug tool to see exactly what is being display...

kojack by MVP
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OpenID provider?

I was looking to setup a website with openID for Oculus but I can't find any documentation on this, or at least be able to manually enter their ID's and be able to send friend requests directly from the link.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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...just a question

Read the great article in the developer blogs on character animation for Dead and Buried...any chance that VRIK will find it's way into the SDK?

General Questions (new developer)

I just got asked to order Oculus for a Unity project.It will be for Computer and cellphone (mainly pc) with the occulus hand controller (not gamepad).I dont know much about Oculus other then what I read on the page and on wikipedia in the last 10 min...

Reading HID Input

Hi,I'm trying to determine how to read HID input from a connected peripheral? I'd like to use a custom controller as a method of input but need to read the HID input directly as Unity and Unreal don't support HID devices natively.If there's some good...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Sample code for DX9 to DX11 interop - Help needed

HI,I'm a game developer and I have developed racing games that are still used in motion simulation centres, for several years now : http://www.gameseed.fr/cms/en/simulation-center/disciplines / https://youtu.be/cZQqAapvzvgI've been using Oculus HMD s...

Etienne by Honored Guest
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Mirror view 60 fps and interpolation for gameplay capture?

Hello.I know Rift outputs at 75 fps for DK2 and 90 fps for CV1. The mirror view I assume matches the monitor that it is output to. Let's say the monitor is at 60hz. So the original output for CV1 is at 90 fps. How does Rift Runtime convert that 90 fp...

Jose by Heroic Explorer
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Left and right eye swapped for some users

I have a user reporting that the left and right eye views in my application are swapped when they use it, despite being the correct way around in my tests. I don't really see how this could be happening.I'm assuming that ovrLayerEyeFov.ColorTexture[0...

My OpenGL OpenVR application is very laggy

Hi All,I have an OpenGL application that is using OpenVR. (I know Rift is best with Oculus API, but as yet I do not have that option) Using a Vive every thing is fine. But using a Rift the image in the HMD is very very laggy and swimming. I have trie...

Duncan by Protege
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On rails history of VR app

looking for a history of VR application that I have not been able to find since the Oculus Share site has gone down. I will describe it, and maybe one of you will be able to remember the app or link it for me. The application was an on rail history o...

What are best practices for view/orientation reset?

Hi all,I'm having trouble finding any info on best practices for view resetting in Rift games.In particular:1. Should we rely on the system calibration for the view orientation - or is it best to also include some way for users to tap a key to reset ...

Free DX 12 Rift Engine Code

Hi,if you want to write code for the Rift using DirectX 12 you might want to take a look at the code I provided on GitHub https://github.com/ClemensX/ShadedPath12.gitThe sample engine is extremely limited on draw abilities: I can only draw lines!But ...

lamour42 by Expert Protege
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