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Failed to compile LibOVRKernel

Hello,I was using an old v0.8 SDK and I decided to apply the newest SDK. I have encountered many errors and crushed most of them, but one last issue bothers me to run my application. When I try to compile LibOVRKernel project on VS2013, it says it ca...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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ovrp_SetTrackingPositionEnabled via native OVR SDK?

Does anyone know how to implement the "ovrp_SetTrackingPositionEnabled" method found in the Unity "OVRPlugin.dll" using the C++ "Oculus SDK for Windows"?This is to experiment with other tracking solutions. So I don't want or need the OVR camera. In s...

compatibilite dk2 oculus touch

Bonjour ..jai une question pour vous ......jai commande oculus touch et je me demande si elle sont compatible avec mon casque dk2 .. car jai lu que les touch se connectait sur les Oculus Rift Earphones ?? jeanl755 Message(s) : 3Inscription : 14 Octob...

jeanl755 by Honored Guest
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Identifier not found for Hmd objects?

I've included all the header files within the include folder of the SDK so I am wondering why it is still giving me the error 'ovrHmd_detect' identifier not found. It gives the same error for all the other ovrHmd objects such as 'hmd', 'ovrHmd', 'ovr...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Editing metadata of 360 stereo cubemap renders.

Hello,Has anyone had any success editing the metadata of 360 renders disploayed in the Oculus 360 Photos app? Exif data doesn't do anything. Googling around shows sporadic mentions of external .json metadata but nothing definite.Seems very strange to...

SteamVR Touch integration not 100%

Hey guys.I do not know if this is a question for Valve or for you guys. But the OpenVR/SteamVR integration is not 100%.The haptic feedback is not working. The device is reported as vr_controller_vive_1_5 and therefore SteamVR_RenderModel returns the ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Update fail

Hello,i recently have a mesage saying oculus needs a update. update goes well until it says restart oculus app. when i reenter the app, it says update failed. this repeats over several pc reboots and oculus app restarts. help pls?

Rift CV1 Color space?

We're noticing that the content in the Rfit CV1 is more saturated than what we see on sRGB Displays. Is the panel an Adobe RGB or P3 display? That would help us in authoring our content.It also begs the question, what would be the proper workflow if ...

demistate by Honored Guest
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Rift through walls - Unity

Hi everyone,I was wondering how people are dealing with players being able to lean through objects/walls & their colliders in Unity?Any help, suggestions or code snippets would be highly appreciated.

Does Orculus RIFT have Eye Tracking?

Hello,Does anyone know RIFT including Eye Tracking Technology?According to this article Eye Tracking only supports SDK 2 only.http://www.smivision.com/en/gaze-and-eye-tracking-systems/products/eye-tracking-oculus-rift.html

vrokim by Honored Guest
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Unity, 3D video and UI Overlay Issue

Can anyone help?I have 360 video running in VR using AVPro. I have a UI icon overlaid on the video to enable the user to exit. With 2D video the UI looks fine. With 3D SBS video the icon appears to double until you force your focus on it and then the...

morfaine by Honored Guest
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So...where do I started? idtech3/c

I've had the ODK1 for a few years, and have just now started implementing it in a project. It's a Quake 3 Arena based project, based in C. I have SDK .8 and the runtime set up, with the demos working, but I'm not entirely sure what I need to do from ...

sneakyCow by Honored Guest
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Help setting up dev enviroment for SDK v1.9

The last project I've done was for the DK2 using SDK v0.8. Now I need to provide a updated copy of my program for someone who owns a CV1 and things seem quite different now. Our work computers only have access to the internet under linux so there is ...

skavee by Explorer
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Resolved! Lost touch tracking after logging out of account

Recently, I logged out of my normal Oculus home account and into another in order to test entitlement checks. After logging out and back into my normal account, I found that my touch controllers were no longer tracking position, only rotation. I trie...

nkitten by Explorer
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Is there an offline runtime installer?

We're showing at a conference with a borrowed onsite computer, and there's no guarantee that we'll have an internet connection (possibly no wifi card, no internet, and no 3g). It would be good to have everything we need ready on a usb key, but as far...

Resolved! One or two graphics cards in laptop for VR?

Hi, I'm about to get a laptop to both demo and develop VR content. As a general rule I can see that maxing out most specs will make sense- the big thing I'm trying to decide though is whether to get a system with one or two GeForce GTX 1080 graphics ...

JFL by Honored Guest
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Any Project Examples for Oculus Touch in Unity?

Kind of new here. I've developed for the GearVR before and I'm still getting used to C# and VR in general. I've been reading through the OVRInput manual here: http://static.oculus.com/documentation/pdfs/game-engines/latest/unity.pdf Seems kind of com...

Confirmation of official Touch button terminology

Hi, Hoping someone can confirm this for me. Is there a list of confirmed terminology for the Touch buttons? There is some confusion in the studio at the moment on the correct wording for the two trigger buttons. Are they both referred as triggers, or...

ovr_GetRenderDesc vs ovr_GetFovTextureSize

Hi,I am running some tests and getting inconsistent numbers with values returned from ovr_GetRenderDesc vs ovr_GetFovTextureSize. So for the default parameters, these are the following values returned: Fov Tan Up: 0.889498, Down 1.110925, Left 0.9649...

zhtet by Honored Guest
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OpenGL simple program

Hello guys! I am fairly new to OpenGL and Oculus VR. I am trying to build a cubemap for the rift. I already have a program running in OpenGL in C++ but I don't understand how to render the cubemap into the oculus rift. I took a look at the tiny room ...

SkiiNet by Explorer
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Localized Achievements

Hi!We have our achievements sorted out in English, but for an international release, we would like them to be localized for various territories (such as EFIGS). How does one go about doing that? I can't find an option to enter the text in other langu...

dmsika by Honored Guest
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Fixing the Physics raycaster in Unity 5.4

Unity made some changes internally to the Camera viewport rects to fix viewport issues in VR. With this change, the Screen.width and height no longer represent the resolution of the HMD. Screen represents the game view and the HMD resolution is now r...

Unwanted Freeze/Pause/Idle when CV1 isn't moving.

Hi all ! Currently I'm working on a Unity3d application for the CV1. When running the build without moving the CV1, the application freezes after 10 minutes every time. If there's only one computer running this program on its own there's no problem, ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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