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How to install sdk 0.8 for oculus dk1

Hello,Some apps i use require the 0.8 sdk to run for the oculus dk1 Im a bit of a noob but i was wondering how to install the software runtime 0.8 for the dk1?When i download the pakkage it there is no install exe to run.If anyone can help me how to ...

huffie00 by Honored Guest
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ETW OVR-SDK-LibOVR events documentation

Hey,i am using the ETW logger to profile my application. and i am having hard time to understand all the events availble.for example, i get a log event: {'Message': 'App EndFrame 1967', 'Task': 'Log', 'Opcode': 'Begin', 'Channel': 'LibOVR/Analytic', ...

aviel by Honored Guest
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Touch line art

Attached here for use, until I manage to upload them somewhere more suitable.

0fasyd6bnmfe.png lr2kvws4e522.png
mfmf by Oculus Staff
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Will Oculus release 3D model assets of rift hardware?

SteamVR includes pretty detailed 3d models of the Vive hardware (wands, lighthouses). It even includes the DK2, DK2 camera and CV1 camera. But no CV1 or Touch. I'm also not sure what the license is if we aren't using SteamVR.Is Oculus planning on rel...

kojack by MVP
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Disabling Oculus tracking/rotation

Hey, I'm aware that this question has been asked quite a lot (https://forums.oculus.com/community/discussion/40288/is-it-possible-to-disable-all-tracking, https://forums.oculus.com/community/discussion/comment/242286), but everything i've found has b...

use mocap position instead of tracker position

Hi, I was wondering how to turn off the position tracking of the oculus to use my mocap system instead. I've already disconnect the tracker, but it look like the runtime is doing some strange things to patch the fact that the poaition isn't tracked b...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How I light the header without oculus-client

i'am a vr game developer,when i start my vr game,the oculus client auto started,and if i close the oculus client my game close also.is there a way that i use oculus driver not oculus client to start my game?

w1373 by Honored Guest
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setting up oculus DK1 on win7

hello everyone,I have an Oculus Rift DK1 which I'm trying to setup on win7 without success (drivers installation, I presume), I've searched on the website for references about DK1 setup but it seems it's been completely forgotten and the latest 1.7 r...

sablab by Explorer
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Rig Advice - Black Magic Micro Cameras

I'm very interested in making a 3D 360 degree rig with the Black Magic Micro Cameras that are coming out soon, but i'm not very knowledgeable at the moment about what is exactly necessary to make this rig work. I'm thinking at the moment to use 6 cam...

John00100 by Honored Guest
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Marble Land - Working on our first puzzle game

Hey guys,Me and 2 other friends have started working on our first VR game, which will be available for both HTC Vive & Oculust Rift.You will have to complete the puzzles in each level in order to bring your marble to the finish point.Challenge your b...

Argentin by Honored Guest
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Optimus - routing dGPU through Thunderbolt3?

I'm using a Asus ROG G501VW gaming laptop for working while traveling. Unfortunately it's Optimus enabled so the HDMI port is wired to the iGPU instead of the dedicated GTX960M.However it also has a Thunderbolt3 port that can double as a display port...

bzxo by Honored Guest
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Rift with 2 Monitors not working

I have a R7 370 graphics card which has:2 x DVI1 x HDMI1 x Display PortWithout the Oculus Rift plugged in, I am able to get 2 monitors working easily.However when I plug in my Rift it doesn't work and it has the Yellow light (standby/not working I th...

Glitchedz by Honored Guest
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Optimizing a 360 photosphere

I am trying to create a simple photo-viewing application in Unity to view 360 photos. My question is about optimizing the quality of the image texture. Does the size of the sphere used in Unity make a difference? Does it need to be sized in reference...

plyrek by Protege
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Oculus SDK for Windows 1.7.0 Released

Oculus PC SDK 1.7.0This release includes performance improvements, memory management fixes, and minor updates.New FeaturesThe values for IndexTrigger, HandTrigger, and Thumbstick include deadzones. AddedIndexTriggerNoDeadzone, HandTriggerNoDeadzone, ...

[Oculus Staff] Steam Builds not working

Hey guys, I have a quick question for you regarding Oculus under Steam.I have a Oculus game made with unity that is compiling and running just fine (both with DK2 and CV1), it is set for Runtime 1.6 and all is fine and dandy.However when I build it f...

Not able to get error message string

Hi!I'm trying to print out the string of the an ovrErrorInfo like this:ovrResult result = ovr_Initialize(nullptr);if (OVR_FAILURE(result)){ ovrErrorInfo errorInfo; ovr_GetLastErrorInfo(&errorInfo); std::cerr << "Error: ovr_Initialize failed:" << erro...

je4 by Sightseer
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Rift Lens for canon 5 or 7d

I was looking around but didn't see anything. Is there a thread about the possibility of creating a lens that would shoot 130 fov in stereo with built in distortion? I thought it would be interesting to be able to shoot a film.. like Imax only BETTER...

What is a good way to handle third person movement?

Anyone know a good way to handle controller movement in Unity/C#? If a player is pressing left of the controller, they would move their character on the horizontal axis but if I turn my head, I want them to still move left of where I am looking. Any ...

VRising by Honored Guest
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Is 10ms Flip to Photon-Start latency normal?

I tried to collect some latecny information using Oculus Debug Tool and found the data was kinda abnormal. I was running oculus-client.exe on an i7 + AMD RX480 machine with CV1. The GPUView traces I captured showed that there was only around 4ms betw...

js_shi by Honored Guest
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