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1.3.0 Performance report from the below-spec DK2 crowd

https://forums.oculus.com/developer/discussion/comment/307463#Comment_307463Pursuant to my previous threads on the topic (see above), I have good news to report from the land of DK2 below-spec folks.On the development side, I'm pleased to report that...

sbdykes by Level 4
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Resolved! VSync: on or off?

Sorry for that stupid newb question, but should I turn VSync off, on, doesn't matter or depends on?

maa_boo by Level 2
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1.3.0 and X360 controller management

I'm on SDK/runtime 1.3.0, have been using DK2 with my own X360 (wired) controller attached, and have noticed that the Oculus runtime/home software is a bit flaky with regards to managing the X360 controller. Shutting off the HMD, and/or closing the O...

sbdykes by Level 4
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Irritations with 1.3 for development

Now every time I run one of my rift programs on the DKII it's starting up your oculus experience/store app, opening a window etc. This also causes my dual monitors to flicker on/off when it starts up - this didn't used to happen. Which also means I h...

wbsk by Level 4
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Steam Integration - how is this going to work.

So the big question. If Steam Games can't run because you're blocking apps you don't approve. How are games that use Steam Achievements, Steam Workshop, Steam Matchmaking, etc supposed to work.I realise that you can get them to work by setting some o...

Porting from SDK to 1.3.0 SDK

Is there any good set of instructions how to port code from SDK to 1.3.0 SDK ? I see simple changing the header does not work. The functions are not only renamed, but changed as well. I miss ovrTexture and ovrGLTexture definititons, ovrViewSc...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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1.3.0 Performance report from the below-spec DK2 crowd

Pursuant to my previous threads on the topic, I have good news to report from the land of DK2 below-spec folks.On the development side, I'm pleased to report that running on my below-spec GeForce 560Ti continues to function just fine after upgrading ...

sbdykes by Level 4
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Milwaukee Wisconsin area?

Anyone in the area. Looking to be inspired and inspire. These are amazing times. I can code and have done minimal tutorial based development on my own. 20+ years in software development - artistic on the side as my passion dictates.

Small Rift Example in Scala on GitHub

I eventually found the time to clean up my example code. As a result, I have published a small Rift example project on GitHub. It's written in Scala and uses JOVR. I tried not to use a lot of fancy Scala stuff, but rather trying to make it look a bit...

DK2 support in the Released software centre?

Hello does anyone know if the DK2 will still be supported in the Oculus Rift software centre? I am thinking of testing that with the software centre till I get around to getting the retail version. I am really hoping the DK2 is not dead?

Oculus world demo from 1.3 audio problems

When running the new 1.3 sdk's world demo (tuscany), there's no audio playing, just silence.But when I exit the program, the audio starts up, I can hear the fireplace and the fountain. These sounds continue from now on even though the demo is closed ...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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SDK 1.3.0 and custom allocators

In previous SDK releases (pre-0.8), I had been defining and passing in my own custom memory allocator for the oculus runtime to utilize, which had required diving in to LibOVRKernel and calling OVR::System::Init/Destroy manually, etc.. The ability to...

sbdykes by Level 4
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OculusRift DK2 + InstantReality 2.6.0.

Hello, I have the OculusRift DK2 in Windows 7, SDK and runtime V 0.8 and InstantReality V 2.6.0. It works with the examples of Oculus and X3DOM. But when I try it with the example of instantreality, I get an error when it creates the OculusRift2 node...

jgnico by Level 2
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Things not to VR?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NpPStTFTcMTo have devices where you can feel everything the guy in orange is feeling in full VR.

Play Glider Island VR Beta

Beta is free for a limited time. Download and give it a shot. Please leave comments and what you would like to see improved. http://gliderisland.azurewebsites.net/default.html

freesky by Level 2
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Request for a simple 0.8 SDK graphics tutorial

Hi  I've seen the OculusRoomTiny demo and this simplified version : https://github.com/mattnewport/OculusRoomReallyTinywhich are great but still a bit beyond me with all the directx stuff. I understand the initialization, getting headtracking data b...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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