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Link Cable Issues

I have bought a new Oculus link cable to connect to my pc. It shows the green check mark and says it is connected and active on the pc. However, when I try to play anything on steam vr or oculus app, I get audio but no video. All I see on my headset ...

PCVR / wired quest 2 hand tracking

Can oculus please, please enable hand tracking when using PCVR? There are some games, like DCS World, that would benefit greatly from it. Being able to reach out and activate buttons and switches with your actual hands would be awesome. Or just givin...

AstroHelo by Honored Guest
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No Image on the Quest via SteamVR

Acer Nitro 5 (2021)Ryzen 7 5800HRTX3060 (8 GB)16GB512 NVME + 1TB SSDQuest 2The Oculus APP shows that the visor is connected and online... SteamVR too.Airlink is connected, but only the 3 waiting points in the center of the screenOne time I received a...

Resolved! Oculus app not working / black window / rendering?

Hi guys,I was trying to install the PC App today. The installation worked quite fine. The moment when the VR says to establish the link in the VR and the rest have to be done on the Computer, my Oculus App starts.This is how it looks like: https://im...


I do not have a HDMI on my tower so of course i go buy and adapter, i get the adapter and plug it in and plug in my RIFT headset but i still can not get that HDMI light to turn Green on Connection?? Can anyone reccomend or help me please, its for PCV...

Optical matrix through the vertual field

Well if you are working through a developer mode that is changing different because Microsoft Redmond show just like a lot of people stealing from someone like the person who created a lot for Apple had a problem with people doing the same thing.

link cable disconnecting over and over

so my link cable (kiwi design 3.0) and other wires i have tested (3.0) dont work with my headset bc it constantly disconnects. and bc of this it makes the vr unusable. it used to happen but overtime it got worse and now the cable just disconnects eve...

Can the Meta Quest Pro be used without Controller?

At the moment we use a Quest 2 as a stationary Monitor that is simulating a microscope.Because of that we dont need the controllers for any interaction with the questand we dont need a guardian system as the Quest 2 is not moving at all. Can the Meta...

Cannot download our builds from store

Edit (11/11/22): We've found that some users are able to download the same build and others cannot. We can't see any pattern at the moment (one user had 2 computers in the same room/network with different outcomes). Hi everyone, We're seeing an inabi...

Lauren by Protege
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Keep Quest 2 running while not wearing it

Hi, I'm developing a multiplayer VR game and I bought a Quest 2 to use as a second player. I am developing on PC with Unity and OpenXR, and I'm doing test runs on the Quest 2 via Air Link. This is great because I can just hit play in Unity and have t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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X3D/VRML Browser

X3D/VRML are markup languages to create VR based websites. Although both are explicitely planned as Desktop VR applications and not for use with HMDs, I think it would be an improvement if someone would develop a compatibility between the Rift and th...

SSJKamui by Honored Guest
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Bypass oculus link error?

okay so before i got my oculus i was able to download the softwere just to see if i could even play vr and it only said (your hardwere isnt supported by rifts recommended list) now it just says ur graphics card isnt supported u cant connect ur headse...

ccvsean by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Oculus Rift S developer Mode

I want to connect my Oculus rift S to the Unreal Engine.I don't know how to connect this.When I open Unreal, it is not in the list of devices.I can't see my devive in the Oculus Developer Hub too.I don't know where the developer mode can be changed e...

dwkim8504 by Honored Guest
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Unable to Enable Rift S Developer Mode

Hello,I am having serious difficulty enabling developer mode on my Rift S Device. I have attempted to search for solutions but insofar have been unable to find any. My developer account is verified. The device is plugged into both USB and HDMI and is...

Headless ovr service

Hey, I'm trying to get the oculus runtime to work in a docker container. I managed to get it installed but when attempting to start the ovr service the following error is found in the windows event logs. [LauncherService] Unable to launch: There is n...