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USB Foot Pedals

I've been thinking of picking up one of these http://www.ncix.com/products/?sku=77481&vpn=USB-2FS-2&manufacture=Scythe for a while to help with my APM in RTS games. Mainly because of hand injuries which make it painful to reach key combination that u...

LibOVR is not a valid Win32 application

I downloaded the Oculus SDK from here Downloads - Oculus SDK for Windows. However, the Oculus World demo project does not run in VS2022 and gives the error that Unable to start program LibOVR.lib, LibOVR.lib is not a valid Win32 application. This dem...


From phone to Oculus

Hello everyone, we have created a site that can be consulted by phone in AR using the camera. https://formaggisvizzeri.viewtoo.it/emmentaler/desktop.htmlHere is the QR code to be scanned with the phone while this is the direct link:https://arweb.app/...


Unable to create HMD.

I am using a tethered quest2 and developing on pc vr with oculus sdk and visual studios 2017 to run the OculusWorldDemo but when I click on the OculusWorldDemo.exe to run it, I get the error saying Unable to create HMD. -1007 -- ovr_Create: No HMD. H...

Lag when using Quest 2 for PCVR

About a week or two ago, I've been having a recurring issue while using my Quest 2 to play PCVR games using the Link Cable. My frame rate is fine when I start up Oculus Link but as soon as the Oculus Rift Home loads in my frame rate drops to roughly ...

Asynchronous Spacewarp causing frame tear

Hi, I get strange image tears on Quest2 when the framerate drops under 1/2 of the refresh rate. For example here is a 30° snap turn :I narrowed it down to the Asynchronous Spacewarp (the reprojection made by the Oculus OpenXR runtime) using Oculus De...

SnapTurnFrame1.png SnapTurnFrame2.png SnapTurnFrame3.png ASW.png
r0levrai by Honored Guest
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ovr-platform-util redistributables

Hi, can we expect the VS 2022 redistributable to show up as an option for ovr-platform-util upload-rift-build any time soon? https://developer.oculus.com/resources/publish-reference-platform-command-line-utility/#redists

Has Oculus stopped reviewing rift apps?

I submitted my game for review and haven't received a response for 4 months. After asking customer service, the customer service replied that it was forwarded to the store team but still no response. I really hope my game can pass the review even the...

Zzwei by Protege
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create Overlay apps (like steamvr)

Hi,recently I had to setup steamvr to enable ED Horizons.. anyway, during the setup you can chose to show the "chaperon" bounding box in any game. I tried this for fun and it works. So it seems it is possible to create a VR app that works OVER the to...

Run PCVR app on quest2 via quest Link

Hi,I would like to know whether PCVR app (developed with native SDK) can run on quest 2 via quest Link. I am developing PCVR app but Rift and RiftS is hard to get now so want test the app with quest2. Any comment is appreciated.

Control Oculus Dash programmatically

In my app, I would like to direct the user to the Oculus Dash Desktop feature of Rift Core. I was wondering if it was possible to open the Oculus Dash Desktop directly from my experience, so that the user does not need to find it in the Oculus Dash m...

cant close steamvr

hey i just got banned on gorilla tag by daisy09 in gorilla tag i am si pissed i met her yesterday she is a famouse ghost hacker in gorilla tag but then i made a new ocolus account to play on but in my library steam vr is running but not opening and i...

Windows 11.

Can some please give me a time frame when air link will work in Windows 11? I just want to play my games that I haven't been able to play. That's all I want. I love my quest 2 but I want to play my pc vr games I have bought from the Oculus app. Not c...

Entertainment Idea.

I was watching a movie today on my 3D TV and a specific scene inspired me to think about the Oculus Rift... what if we could bring that 360 view that the Oculus Rift offers in video games now, but not in games but one live feed of a movie. The scene ...

Tangylink by Honored Guest
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Quest + Unity : No Hand tracking for PC build

Hello, I have a big problem... I can't implement the hand tracking of my oculus quest 2 with Unity.In fact, I can use the hand tracking in the editor but when importing in .exe for the PC build, my hands are not detected at all.On the other hand, if ...

Spatial Anchors in PCVR?

Anybody know if Spatial Anchors will ever be enabled in PCVR? I would like to use my computer with link cable for better graphics. Currently I am using a Quest 2.

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