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Colour accurracy of DK2 display

I modelled and textured a game character. The skin looks natural when viewed on my LCD and CRT monitors but through the rift the colours are off i.e. skin shadows are brownish.I'm convinced that the LaCie CRT monitor is more accurate as it used to be...

Clean shutdown

Hi,I've just started trying to integrate oculus to my game engine and i am having issues to perform a clean shutdown.I am trying to wrap oculus access inside a OculusWrapper class.I get a pointer to this wrapper in my game, and on exit, i call oculus...

adysoft by Honored Guest
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Rift/Accessories, 3D Models -!CV1 coming Soon!-

Hey guys !How are you ?So I had a lot of fun making the Rift in 3d and I received some requests about other controllers. So I am going to make a huge package, as complete as possible, containing all the main controllers that you might need to show in...

Incorrect PerfHud app timings.

Have finally got around to moving my OpenGL app from 0.4.4 to and performance has degraded significantly. I see there's another thread about this, but I thought I'd investigate the perfhud to double-check I wasn't doing anything stupid.The Ju...

richtea by Honored Guest
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Direct to Rift

How does this work, I mean how could one make a direct to rift enabled app without Unity or Unreal?

rupy by Honored Guest
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Oculus Config Utility Demo Scene assets?

Hello!Are the assets in the Oculus Configuration Utility's Demo Scene available anywhere? I'd like to reuse some of those for a demo.I'm specifically referring to the Desk demo scene, not the Tuscany scene.Thanks,Darshan

dshankar by Honored Guest
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Pixel Convergence Math

Given IPD, and horizontal screen resolution (2160), how might one calculate the distance at which pixels converge and stereoscopy is lost?

Lets make a SDK 0.4 Linux nagging thread!

Since there is no official response as to the status of Linux & OSX I am creating a thread.I think that cross platform developers shouldn't be treated as second-class citizen. Perhaps this is of no concern and the SDK is on it's way as we are posting...

Enabling Jump!

Hello all,My novice programming skills have come by to ask how to enable Jumping for the OVRPlayerController/// /// Jump! Must be enabled manually. /// public bool Jump() { if (!Controller.isGrounded) return false; MoveThrottle += new Vector3(0, Ju...

Display text

Hi,Iam developing VR using unity platform with oculus sdk on samsung gear VR.Now Iam able to make simple interaction on game objects.How do i display text information when i click a game object.Right now I display this using a gameobject with the inf...

muraliv by Honored Guest
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Cursor Issue

Hi,I have a 3d scene setup and able to navigate with touchpad.I have few gameobjects clicking on which iam displaying popup text which are UIelements with a panel having text and image.Using the Crosshair3d.cs from the sdk samples in order to display...

muraliv by Honored Guest
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I'm trying to implement the performance HUD in my application and so far it works great if I enable it once I'm already up and rendering but I'm having trouble making the setting persistent. When I try to restore the setting at initialization...

USB Extension - DK1

Hello,I am curious if anyone knows the limits of USB extension for the DK1? I am trying to run the unit across a room and would like to run wires across the ceiling. I am thinking a 25ft male/female extension should do the trick. I have had no issue ...

pinging by Honored Guest
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Best gfx in VR?

Hello forum runners,I come with an inquiry to you all since my past efforts in this realm have proven to bode well with useful answers and techniques.After meeting with my artist today surrounding our Unity-Oculus game, we have come upon a problem wi...

3D rig for 'Clouds Over Sidra'

Hey all, I am looking into getting into shooting VR-video. I recently watched Chris Milk's TED talk where he showed his camera rig http://imgur.com/Gcs0C56It seems like he has more microphones than cameras? also, does anybody have any insight as to w...

Change viewport rect of Oculus?

So I'm currently using the 0.4.3 SDK on Unity 5. I'm doing some stuff with my game screen, and as a result I'd like the overall oculus view to draw to only half of the screen.Is there any support in the API to change the viewport rect of the oculus o...

Anselm by Explorer
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Disable mirror image

Hi there is there anyway to permanently disable the mirror image being produced on my main monitor.In unreal 4 the command is "hmd mirror off"how can i make this permanent from the oculus?many thanksPaul

PJSkilllz by Honored Guest
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Oculus Rift DK2 HDMI Input

HiI need to know about the detail of HDMI Input Video Format of the Oculus Rift DK2.I am working on a Hardware project that uses a Oculus Rift DK2.My System consists of ADV7611(HDMI Receiver), ADV7511(HDMI Transmitter), FPGA and the Oculus Rift DK2. ...

Movement control with leaning

Hi all,I need help modifying the Player Controller script. I would like to create a game in which you move around the world by leaning forward and backward, much like the game Shadows of Isolation.Leaning forward should result in forward motion and l...

vtheyoshi by Honored Guest
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Which hand input devices are ready to purchase?

Hi! I’m trying to find out which hand input devices are ready to buy and use with Oculus Rift DK2. I’m not looking for anything fancy, just a basic glove or other type of device (like a camera) that allows you to track the position of the hand and ge...

psych892 by Honored Guest
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Issues with Leap Motion

Hey there,installed my Leap Motion device but I do have a lot of issues. It's working but barely. I get a lot of jitter and errors and I have to hold my hands realtively close to my camera to get it working. Or is that just how the user experience is...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Scene view lag?

Has anyone else experienced a lag in movement in the scene view after checking the "Virtual reality supported" box? When I drag my scene or move my viewpoint, the system lags behind a few seconds. Is this my system or a commonality for the first part...

Developing w/ Dk2 for the CV

Hello fellow Oculators!My name is Alex Van Halen and I am a student at Indiana University studying video game development. After contemplating over the final designs and format for my Senior year project, I have decided to create a survival horror fr...

Oculus VR dev system

Hi,i want to start develop with unity and Oculus VR.My company is interested in computer vision and augmented reality system.My system is:CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965RAM: 16 GB (4 x 4 GB 1333 Mhz)MOTHERBOARD: ASUS M4N68THD: Samsung 850 250 GB SSD GP...

barsigor by Honored Guest
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Minimum FPS for 360 3D VR video

I think i've read that the ideal minimum FPS for VR games in the rift is 90 FPS, does this mean that 360 3D video should be filmed with a minimum 90 FPS if it is intended to be used with a virtual reality device? Thanks

John00100 by Honored Guest
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Oculus 3D models - anyone have a copy?

Hi All,The creator of this thread (viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1514) made what seems to be an awesome pack of DK2/DK1/Xbox controller and Leap motion 3d Models. Do any old-timers/cutting-edge-VR innovators have a copy of these assets? If so, could you make ...

Rich0 by Honored Guest
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