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Advice on using OVR_CAPIShim

Hey, I have a project that has been linking with the OVR libs that I'd like to switch to using OVR_CAPIShim and OVR_CAPI_Prototypes, but I can't find more than a sentence or two of documentation on using this. Does anybody have experience with this t...

Duplicated Laser with OVRRayCaster Script

Hi everyone.I got a weird problem, I created a simple Canvas with buttons and I wanted to interact with them by using the Laser Beam with the right-hand controller. So I added The "OVR Physics Raycaster Script" to the OVRCameraRig and added the "UIHe...

DenisBien by Honored Guest
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Install .exe on OculusGo

Hello everybodyRecently I've begun developing for OculusGo and I wonder if it is possible to install .exe on OculusGo? My knowledge so far is installing .apk using adb driverThank you

Non oculus game.

Hello everyone,I am using oculus rift s VR headset with microsoft flight simulator 2020.Problem: When I launch VR mode on msfs 2020, oculus desktop / store is displayed and prevents me from accessing my game.Is there a way to hide the oculus blind / ...

Cavok974 by Honored Guest
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Can't install android _winusb

I download the drivers from the development site. I extract to my desktop. I right click on the .inf and click install. It says " The operation completed successfully." I restart my computer. I open up cmd and type in command "adb devices" it comes b...

Gnubly by Honored Guest
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Questions about stable FPS and recommended specs

Hi there,We got some feedback requiring our Unity game to perform at 90 fps on Rift and 80 fps on Rift S; is it required to perform at this level for all quality settings?The graphics options in the game enable to player to choose between different g...

MalboM by Honored Guest
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Stuttering audio roughly 10% of game launches

Hi all!We're getting ready to submit the rift version of our quest game because some users have been asking for it. All appears ok except for one issue... Sometimes when the game is opened, the audio across the whole game stutters. Moving between sce...

Lone echo

I purchased the game yesterday, i really enjoyed it but i keeps crashing at the same point every time (have tryed alot!) it seem like it is at a milestone maby at a autosave or somthing. I downloaded save games to skip the bugged places, but at every...

Jan_Fre_S by Honored Guest
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SDK 0.0.0 and İnfinite loading screen

Hello, Im developing a vr game. İt was working just fine. I have Buy a SSD and clean win10 at it. my program now just dont launch. I have try xr-plugin , manual OVRPlugin but not working. İf I enable any of them unity returns me "Unable to load OvrPl...

Sensor Suddenly Not Working

I have a 3 sensor set up for my Rift CV1, and I've had no issues with it so far. Today I noticed that one of my sensors wasn't connecting, the light wouldn't turn on and the app couldn't find the 3rd sensor, I checked device manager and it isn't ther...

tracking issues with the rift

I have the RIFT on the Alienware lap top, experiencing tracking problems ie hands facing the wrong way above my head. all up to date with patch . full movement of hands but away from ,y body .... secondly i have another rift doing the same problem i ...


Do you know where I can download ovr-platform-util.exe to upload my game? I downloaded 2020 oculus platform and am unable to find the exe.I am unable to upload my 5GB game to the store:(??????) ovr-platform-util upload-rift-build --app-id xxxxxxxxxxx...

jo78970 by Protege
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360 & 180 Degree Image and Video Viewing Support

I use the Quest & Rift as both a design and communication device for the projects I am working on with clients. The ability to quickly load and view 360 & 180 degree photos/videos taken outside of the headset are extremely valuable to my work and sin...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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MultiView Rendering Native Windows Rift-S

Currently developing in Vulkan and using the VK_KHR_Multiview extension. Can anyone confirm that passing texture arrays into the compositor is ONLY available via the VR_API for Quest and that this functionality is not available in the Windows SDK ver...

VR Stipple Drawing

Hi every Oculus Developers,I am Yongbum Kim.Today, I post my another VR drawing using stipple painting method.I wondered if stipple painting method could be applied to VR drawing.Of course, it took a lot of patience and time, but possible!This is my ...

VR Drawing - Sunflower Bloom

Hi every Oculus developers,This is my humble VR drawing.I want every students or professors or business men/women to use their VR note books or VR tablets in VR meetings or VR conferences like famous animation "Ghost in the shell".Of course, in the a...