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Simple, one page, OpenGL example (0.4.2 beta)

Hi,Has anyone got a simple example of OpenGL (SDK) rendering working yet with DK2?This is what I've got so far, based on the earlier example of the spinning cube using GLFW. It seems to work without the Oculus plugged in but gives an exception in ovr...

ELite dangerous: graphics issues

Hi girls and boys, I received my DK2 today after longh months of waiting xD. I finally managed to start the DK2 (followed the step as indicated in this link: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=11455 + helped myself here and there). I manage to have the feed Inside...

mardouk by Level 2
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DK1 Crashing on 0.4.1

I have my app running nicely on my shiny new DK2 using the 0.4.1 sdk C++ libraries.However, when I give it to someone to run a DK1 system, it just crashes because the ovrHmd_Create(0) returns NULL. ovr_Initialize(); m_hmd = ovrHmd_Create(0); if (!m_h...

Advice for simple Oculus + CAD program

Hey all,I'd like to use the Oculus Rift for a research project, however I'm completely new to the SDK and game development in general. I received my DK2 a few days ago and so far I've only played around with some of the awesome demos here and had a l...

0.4.2 Chromatic Aberration

Just wanted to say that from using the desk demo chromatic aberration seems to be much better! Going to implement it into my own project and do some further testing but so far I'm very impressed with the changes! Thank you Oculus SDK team gals/guys!

Samsung Gear VR SDK...

The announcement of the Gear VR headset and the 'mobile SDK' seems promising, but left some ambiguity. Will the mobile SDK support only the Samsung hardware, or will it also support DK1 and DK2 hardware connected to an android powered device, such as...

jherico by Level 5
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New 0.4.2 Mac Config Util crashing immediately

I'm running the ancient 10.6.8, and unfortunately 0.4.1 didn't support it so I was hoping 0.4.2 might. I uninstalled the previous runtime and installed 0.4.2 and immediately upon clicking the ConfigUtil it crashes. Is the problem 10.6.8? Anyone else ...

swlu by Level 3
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Oculus DK2 with Leap Motion demo + source code

HeyCheck out my latest VR demo using the Oculus Rift DK2 with the Leap Motion for hand tracking in VR:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtU5_HnSmv0You can download the binaries and try it out for yourself! Also all the code is in C++/OpenGL/SDL and is ...

Developing for the Samsung Gear VR

The Gear VR looks fantastic and it might also be the first opportunity for VR developers to sell VR apps to a broader audience. So I'm really interested in it but I have a few questions:- Will anybody who buys a Note 4 and a Gear VR be able to just d...

Codexus by Level 2
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Vertical movement in direction of camera

I'm currently trying to create some kind of virtual "fly-through" a CAD-model, and I'd like to enable movement always in direction of the camera center, thus also vertical translation of the camera (y-direction) --> exactly like the fly-through mode ...

Leap Motion - Control Idea - Cockpit Use

I have an idea for a control scheme but need to know if it would work. Imagine games that have a cockpit like DCS for example.Using the leap motion I would like to be able to emulate a mouse and a click. I would like to be able to control the mouse w...

JOVR with JOGL and SDK rendering

I'm trying to get something really basic running with OSX, JOVR, OpenGL, JOGL, and SDK 0-4-1 rendering. But I'm getting this fatal error at step 5.5 in the code below.C [libGL.dylib+0x18b5] glGetString+0xfC [jna8916088414761583343.tmp+0x14282] OVR::C...

FREE UE4 engine blueprint book

https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?10221-BOOK-Blueprints-Master-the-Art-of-Unreal-Engine-4-BlueprintsBoon for non dev's. Huge thanks to Ryan Shah.b

boomji by Level 2
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DK2 3D model or drawings needed

Hi all,does anyone have a solidworks model of the DK2 or technical drawings?I want to develop some some accessories but haven't got my rift on hand to put the callipers on it.Now that it's in the wild hopefully OVR would be cool releasing something?C...

VR performance disparity between devs

Some games/demos seem to implement head/positional tracking better than others; that is to say, some suffer from great amounts of judder while others don't, with respect to how the non-VR version of the game performs. A good example is Live for Speed...

danknugz by Level 9
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Extra Buffer Swap (Overdraw) as a Cause of 'Judder'

Since judder is such a wide problem and I have not seen mention of this yet I thought I would start a new topic on the subject.This is just a note from my own experience developing in OpenGL, but I had an issue with what I am going to call overdraw, ...


Hello!How about Havok integration? It looks like a pretty cool engine, and I like a lot of the games that have been done with it. (e.g. Dead Rising). It also offers a free start for developing, although if your game earns more than $10,000 USD, then ...

mariom by Level 2
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5 Tips to get Unity to work with the DK2

Hi Guys,I made a quick video with some tips on getting the DK2 to work with Unity. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRiP0NBsdNpUIxRH3aEFytAIt may be helpful if you are stuck trying to integrate the dk2 into your unity project.Thanks,Marc

Viewing Stereoscopic Stills (Not Panorama)

I created some stereo still images to view those on my 3D TV. Side by Side- 1920 X 1080, Images were created in 3ds Max and Vray.Is there nay way I can view these on my Oculus DK2. I tried VR player but result is not that good. I am looking for more ...

Nurul3D by Level 3
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No image in DK2

Hi guys,Just got my DK2 kit today and have been having some problems getting an image. The demo scene in the config utility works just fine but DK2-compatible apps (from Share) simply won't run in the headset, although they display on my monitor. Any...

gapper4 by Level 3
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New way to combat lag?

If others have already posted this I apologize. But here's an article detailing Microsofts attempts at reducing lag during remote gaming using cloud computing. I don't see why the same technology couldn't affect the Rift positively as well. http://ww...

Porting RoomTiny Client distortion to Jogl

I am trying to port the RoomTiny example to jogl (Opengl binding for Java)I dont know DirectX unfortunately, although it looks quite similar to OpenGL..My question is where the texture is binded to the context before the draw commandIn the RenderTiny...

elect by Level 2
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DK2's internal latency tester

So now that DK2 is out I have been going over "getting started" guides et cetera I haven't even seen a word about DK2's latency tester that is one of the highlights at DK2 order page. I know it's not the biggest thing in DK2 nor I shouldn't be worrie...

Miffyli by Level 2
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Non-SDK rendering and direct-to-rift

Hi,I have just integrated OVR support to my test engine. I do not use the SDK-rendering, and I can see the distorted rendering on my output window. When the application starts, the tracking works (I do not use the result yet but I see the camera turn...

Building with msvc2010 express

Hi,I'm trying to build LibOVR_with_samples_vs2010 with vs express 2010 but am getting these errors:'..\..\..\Src\CAPI\Shaders\genPixelShaderHeader.bat' is not recognized as an internal or external command,'..\..\..\Src\CAPI\Shaders\genVertexShaderHea...

Oculus-friendly desktop wallpaper?

Hello,I have a DK2 up and running on an iMac running Mavericks 10.9.4. My desktop is currently using the default desktop wallpaper (large blue/green wave). This can be very disorienting when I first put on the rift since my eyes try to sync up the tw...

mummey by Level 2
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