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how to invert an axys direction over Oculus Rift S playing famous flight/car simulator

Honored Guest
Hi everyone, is there a way to invert oculus head tracking vector direction such as Y = 1*value to Y = -1*value  ?  or could you provide a setup that inverts surge target zoom for 6 dof motion rigs?

I describe the issue:

 when I throttle aircrafts, helicopter, motorbike or cars, they have a virtual cockpit and neck effect (head inertia) is provided by the motion rig when you brakes a steering weel distance should be lower and not higher as is at the moment (when you apply brakes ,sim is going backward and also hmd, and also visual zoom targeting the objects and objects in that case should be next to your face not far.)

 We are a little number that develops this mechatronic system, but the great number of end users cannot feel that problem because they go with max 4dof .
I have 6 dof and added surge and sway. I ask you, developers , to create a simple command or flag or a checkbox where users like me can adjust surge axys to match real sensation of going to impact with steering weel if my head goes backward to deploy with 6 dof motion rigs 
thanks in advance.

Dear developers support , excuse me if initially I was poor in the description , today 28/2/2020 I modifyied this discussion to be better understood from reader and you.