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is there a support for 6 dof motion rigs to optimize or setup axis signs as regards vect direction ?

Honored Guest
Hi I have a Full motion simulator and ( oculus rift / and rift s owner ) . I am the designer , assembler and programmer of such robot. I play flight simulators and vehicle simulators since 2004. Today I have I problem:
In all my vr home experiences for surge axis(braking and accelerations) is not possible to invert the display acceleration direction sign to reach real feeling during a brake event or an acceleration event inside a virtual cockpit with my system moving. For example if I brake my seat moves backwards and also my body moves backward and vr fov moves backward too.
The question is :
 into the vr I see a fov going backward during a braking event in opposition to a fov going forward perceived in reality when i drive my car for example a steering-weel distance lower against normal cruise one if I open the gas(not real). How can I solve this without invert my hardware motion cueing algorythm?

thanks in advance