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migrating from 0.8 to 1.4 (DK2)

Level 3
hi I just upgraded to windows 10 and took the plunge in upgrading my engine from 0.8 to 1.4 and using DK2 and dx11.

after updating things that have changed and removing things that no longer used, I have a few hurdles...

the tiny room sample compiles and is fine...just saying.

now at first my engine wouldn't make it past window (HWND) creation as I was using originally CreateWindowEx and WNDCLASSEX to register class and no problem in 0.8. so I changed to similar to the tinyroom sample and it let me go to the next step but more problems await...  

I also changed the way I create the dx11 device to be more inline with tiny example but I used to use D3D_DRIVER_TYPE_HARDWARE and now only lets me use D3D_DRIVER_TYPE_UNKNOWN.
So I finally get it to create the device context and factory...

now I am stuck as it won't create the swap chain 😛 it just keeps failing...
now I read in here that swap chain will fail if hmd not compliant with protected content...though I am not using ovr swapchain just standard dx11.

now any help would be appreciated, also anyone know where I can get 1.3 SDK to compare so I can see if this is an sdk issue?

I was dreading this update, and I knew it would be a problem but didn't expect all this issues I am having are why there at all. so dissapointing...


Level 4
All previous SDK versions are available at:

Just select PC in the drop down and then you can select any desired SDK version in the next drop down.

Level 7
You should create the dxgi factory and the d3d11 device with the debug layer turn on with the appropriate flags. the console output will tell you immediatly what is wrong in your arguments.

The hardware versus unknow type is a detail, my recommendation is to always list the adapters from the dxgi factory, and give the adapter you want to the createdevice, and in that case, you have to specify unknow.

Level 3
Thanks for the tips guys!