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vertical stand for camera or lighting assist

Honored Guest
recipe: 4$ storage box, 3$ can of spray foam, 5$ hollow broom handle sturdy , 4$ 1inch cut 2feet of tubing.. needed: adhesive for camera or whatever using this for the tubing lets the camera or whatever slide up and down veritcally

the lamp from lifehacker better idea for the cost

this also works for an upgrade to a

to make a very large scale 3d printer.. needs strong drive pulleys for 5$ per meter

next you use a vertical axis x2 so x4 of the vertical axis bars but only 2 with the foam crate support

as your printer goes down vertically to the minimum point, raising the vertical smooth rod is beneficial to give room for horizontal axis and less loss of vertical print ability

the first print is the longstrap vertical supports
or whatever if you don't need vertical print support yet

if you mix acetone and the ABS filament you can make a bonding agent to paste cube sets

when you make a cube in a printer you don't print a solid cube to save on materials

also you can skip all of this stuff and glue a phone camera to a vertical axis smooth rod from the and now you have extra camera for dk2 for those not getting oculus to update their camera before shipping the dk2.. you're only losing what you already own and paid for