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App Lab and Oculus API not working. "Error: Must call get_signature first (1971051)"

Does anyone know how to access the Oculus API for App Lab apps?  In previous games I've published via Oculus, what I'd do is I'd upload a build to one of the ALPHA/BETA channels, and then add my Oculus account to it so that it was in my Oculus library.  This way, when inside of Unity, I would be able to pull in Oculus API data.

However, now with App Labs, there's no channels to upload to, and it seems like when I upload the build, it appears to be like I'm uploading it to be publicly available, but really I only want to upload it to a non-public channel so that I can continue my Oculus API integrations.  (I'm not sure if this is true, but there's no indication when I submit my application if it will be public or private or unlisted).

To provide some code context, I know this code snippet below works because when I put another App ID of another Oculus game I previously published, I'm able to grab Oculus API data (e.g. GetOrgScopedID()), but if I use my new Oculus App Lab App ID, I get this error in the console:

error: Must call get_signature first (1971051)
Here is the code that I run when the application starts.  Reminder that this works when using a previously published App ID, but doesn't work with an App Lab App ID.

  void SignInToOculus() {
Core.AsyncInitialize().OnComplete(message => {
if (!message.IsError) {
Users.GetLoggedInUser().OnComplete((msg) => {
if (msg.IsError) {
print("error: " + msg.GetError().Message); // error message above originates from here
Invoke("InitializeOculusInfo", 10);
} else {

Users.GetOrgScopedID(msg.GetUser().ID).OnComplete((msg2) => {
if (msg2.IsError) {
print("error: " + msg2.GetError().Message);
Invoke("InitializeOculusInfo", 10);
} else {
print("Logged in using Oculus");

Unity 2020.1.11f1
Oculus SDK can't seem to find the version number.  If it's relevant, please let me know where to find this.

Thank you in advance!

Honored Guest

Is this possible?  Does AppLab have an API we can use to script deploys/releases?