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Cloud Storage v2 in Unity

Level 2
How do I get the cloud storage v2 to work in Unity?

I use SDK v15 integration for Unity (2019.2.16).

My app initializes ok. It's set up to use Cloud Storage v2. I get the correct user, everything is fine, then I get the GetUserDirectoryPath and try to save a file in the returned folder. But that doesn't show up in Cloud File List. Syncing simply doesn't work. It doesn't show in the admin panel, nor are file syncing between PCs. I don't have any selective sync set up. I am logged in in Oculus Home. Files are syncing neither in Editor nor in a build. Do I have to trigger the syncing for it to happen? I really don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Also is there a hook or an event in the API to know when a file has been synced?

Level 2
Did you ever figure it out?