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Error "Opration was not success!" on IAP validation

Level 2
Our team wants to implement IAP in project. We need to validate all purchases with our sever. We already made this for GooglePlay and AppStore. But with oculus we have some troubles. (oculus project is separate unity project)

I'm unity developer. After purchase, app provides all needed information to our server: USER_ACCESS_TOKEN, SKU and STORE(gear or rift)

Server knows app access token for both gear and rift versions. When server trying to validate purchase through oculus S2S, oculus returns "Operation was not success!". (I'm not 100% sure about this information, that is all I got from back-end team)

I can't find anything about this error. Also, error message with syntax mistake, so I kinda don't believe that this error returns by oculus. 

Is this error exist? What we are doing wrong?