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IAP. Fails on first attempt to purchase, second attempt shows as already purchased

Honored Guest
We have an issue in our game where the IAP fails when purchasing consumables.

The first time you click on the buy button in-game, the Oculus menu comes up with the purchase information, price, and purchase button.
Then it's the expected click purchase, enter the pin code, and wait for it to process. This always results in: "Something went wrong. Please try again later."
Clicking Cancel on the error message takes us back to the game.

If we try to purchase the same consumable after this has happened, the game goes to the Oculus menu and all that is shown is the three loading dots for a few seconds. We eventually get thrown back into the game with a successful purchase.

This happens consistently for us. We have tried on different IAP test accounts and as a normal user with the same results.

Unity v2019.3.11f1
Oculus Utilities v1.48.0
OVRPlugin v1.48.0
SDK v1.1.33.0.

Has anyone seen something similar or know of a fix for this?
Appreciate any response.