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Long wait time for connection (Net and Voip)

Level 3
I am using the Platform SDK (1.24) and Unity (2017.3.1p4) to create a multiplayer application. I have followed the same code structure that is outlined it the VR Hoops sample application. To be specific, one user is calling Net.connect and Voip.start then the other user is listening for the PeerConnectRequestCallback() and the VoipConnectRequestCallback() respectively. My app uses basic quickmatch with a pool size of 2, and I am experiencing long wait times with the connection. Sometimes the connection happens quickly (2-5 seconds) other times it takes longer 10-20 seconds. Additionally, I notice that Rift to Rift connects much quicker than Gear to Gear or Gear to Rift. Is this normal to experience this type of waiting? What are typical wait times for the Platform SDK? Any help here would be much appreciated.


Level 3
You're not the only one. We're doing Go/Go, Go/Quest, Quest/Quest connectivity and it can be varied and random, sometimes, quick and sometimes just taking forever for users to connect. I really hope that the connectivity improves, because as it stands, it's infuriating to use.

Level 4
This is why I'm switching to Photon (although it's killing me). I'm very new to this but I believe the platform SDK uses P2P networking which relies on the clients internet connection making it unreliable for other parties.