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Platform SDK - Entitlement Check Failure

Level 2
This discussion was created from comments split from: Platform SDK - Entitlement Check Failure.

Level 3
I have the same problem almost.. Wonder if they are related? Documentation says that entitlement check will
pass if User can view the app from their library. This seems to be the
case for my app as it's visible in my Oculus library. However when I launch the app from library I get
Entitlement check fail. Also Entitlement Checks pass when in stand alone
build (Unity 5.6.1f1 or 5.6.2f1) as well as working
in Unity Editor Play mode using User Tokens from Oculus Dev dashboard.
The problem seems to be launching the app from in
the Oculus library when entitlement checks then seem to fail. At no
other time. Also according to documentation Oculus Entitlement check
should pass if the app is visible to the user from the library. As we
can see the app from the library, entitlement checks should pass, it
seems that the problem seems to only occur when launching the app from
the library.
We have submitted a few builds with tweaks to our
environment set up and code for Entitlement Checks, but without yielding
positive results so far. Rather than continuing to submit builds I
thought it prudent to ask for support in this instance.
Any help you could give would be appreciated 🙂