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UE4 Leaderboard HasNextPage False for Member Variable

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I am trying to update OnlineLeaderboardInterfaceOculus because the OnReadLeaderboardComplete callback internally tests if there is a next page and automatically calls ovr_Leaderboard_GetNextEntries(), which defeats the purpose of setting a limit. I created new, but similar methods to the original that save a copy of the value returned from ovr_Message_GetLeaderboardEntryArray into a new member variable; however, the ovr_LeaderboardEntryArray_HasNextPage returns False for the member variable UNLESS it is performed inside the callback. If HasNextPage is performed inside the callback, it returns true.

What do I need to do so I can use HasNextPage, HasPreviousPage, GetNextEntries, GetPreviousEntries outside of the read leaderboards complete callback?


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Until then I'm just going to design a system that uses ovr_Leaderboard_GetEntriesAfterRank, but it won't work with a Friends filter.