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Unity IAP Tutorial

I've seen a lot of people ask about how to do IAP in Unity, so I thought I'd share some pseudo-code for how to do it.1) Create an organization/app through the Oculus developer dashboard. Once you have done that, go to the API tab and find your AppID....

Get Achievement details in Unity

I can get a list of Achievements from Unity, along with the Player's progress. What about the achievement description, title and image fields? There appears to be no way of accessing those, except via curl with a server-to-server connection -- not re...

Resetting Achievements

We have a Unity based game which is in QA at the moment and the testers have requested a feature which will allow them to reset their achievements through a debug menu in-game. I was looking at the API calls and there does not appear to be a way to r...

Wendall by Explorer
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Oculus mobile project outside of SDK directory

Hi,I have tried many things, but have not managed to get a pure Oculus Mobile project running outside of the SDK directory. There is a tool that creates a new project out of the VrTemplate directory, but it is simply put into the examples directory. ...

tomee by Explorer
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Test users are not entitled to our apps

According to the document said:The test user inherits permissions to all apps and channels of the Organization that the user is created in.We have multi apps in Store. And have an app in draft state.We created a new test user. Log-In on a device. We ...

sycx by Explorer
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Unity Oculus Avatars Cross-Platform

I'm creating a application with the Oculus Avatars which will be cross-platform. I am aware that Oculus provides 12 sample avatars to use at my disposal but it would be ideal to be able to create our own that fit the aesthetic of our application. I n...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Remote Avatar wrong rotation.

Hi there,I'm using SDK avatar 1.16 and I'm facing some issue with the rotation itself.When i invite my friend into the app i can see his avatar.Now the problem is When he move 180 degree locally his remote avatar move double i.e 360 so when he make o...

Customised avatars in non-store applications

Does anybody know if it's possible to display the user's customised oculus avatar in a non-store application anymore? The problem we're having is that we have support for ovrAvatar in our application but when querying the platform api for a user ID w...

catchouli by Honored Guest
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Org Scoped Id or App scoped Id

Are these ids accessible to other users? Do you need to be logged in as the user to retrieve these ids or can you request the id of another user? I'm looking for some identifier that is private to a user that I can use as the login identifier for my ...

Getting user information via

Hi,I am trying to authenticate users with my secure backend and I need to know how I can obtain their username and preferably their avatar image.The following endpoint, which I call using the user's access token:{user_id} onl...

Can't get User ID because of "App ID Mismatch"

I had my game under another organization at one point, but that was some time ago. I have since replaced all the App IDs in the Oculus assets where those are stored. I've done a thorough search and cannot find any remnants of the old App ID. But when...

Punchey by Explorer
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Cloud Storage v2 in Unity

How do I get the cloud storage v2 to work in Unity?I use SDK v15 integration for Unity (2019.2.16).My app initializes ok. It's set up to use Cloud Storage v2. I get the correct user, everything is fine, then I get the GetUserDirectoryPath and try to ...

finnianR by Honored Guest
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