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Ghost Giant BUG in game

Hi PLEASE HELP!!! Had this game for 4 days now, not go passes the setup screenyet !! I am stuck just purchase GHOST GIANT game for the Quest but it won’t load,I have seen someone else with same problem on some forum, I cannot get passed the calibrati...

How to get the purchase date?

Hi,I want to get the purchase date of my app by the user so I can activate a certain functionality based on that. Is it possible?Steamworks has it:uint32 GetEarliestPurchaseUnixTime( AppId_t nAppID );

Dima by Explorer
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Looking for SDK source

I was attempting to build libOVRd.lib and libOVRkerneld.lib for project I was working with, I see some of the older Oculus SDK packages came with the OVR source code that would allow me to generate these filesWhere can I find the most up to date SDK ...

[Unreal] Install Oculus runtime on remote server

I recently switched to the Oculus Online Subsystem, since then I am not able to connect to my dedicated server running on an EC2 instance. I get a warning:[2020.05.10-11.10.45:385][684]LogOnline: Warning: Oculus: Failed to initialize the Oculus Platf...

Eanir by Protege
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How to get Facebook ID from Oculus ID

Hey All, I have a quick question! If one of my users logs in from Facebook into Oculus, is there a way for me to retrieve their Facebook ID from Oculus to use in my Gear VR application? I am using:Gear VRUnityC#Right now, I am using Oculus.Platform.U...

Entitlement check problems

I am going insane here with the circular logic of their entitlement checks.Requires entitlement check within 10 seconds of starting. OK npAdd check to first line of code. If failed close game.Oculus Review - Game not playable crash on load...Not unle...

SSZCanada by Honored Guest
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Where are Oculus Rooms hosted?

Hi everyone,Currently trying to figure out if I will use Photon or Oculus Platform for a multi user app.Reading the doc, I'm not sure how the Oculus Platform Room system is handled: are rooms hosted on facebook servers, or is it relying on P2P? Or do...

Saltiel by Honored Guest
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VRC TestSDKVersion Failed

I'm using Unity 2017.1.0 and OVRPlatformSDK 1.19.0. And it failed the VRC SdkVersionTest. I also tried SDK 1.20 with lower and higher version unity and not working. Is the Unity 2017.1.0 not compatible with the SDK? How could I solve this error? Than...


VoIP Spatialization doesn't work on Rift

Hey guys, strange problem here.So I've been trying to get spatialized audio working between two user's (one rift, one go) using Platform sdk Voip and essentially while the VoIP works great, the spatialization doesn't work on Rift, but works on Go. He...

GigaSora by Expert Protege
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Platform, Avatar, Audio sdk release notes?

Does this documentation exist? I can't find it anywhere no matter how hard I look. I just want to know what's new, what's being worked towards, really just anything about these releases they're putting out. What bugs they fixed, etc. I'm currently us...

GigaSora by Expert Protege
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Payments Unavailable

When ever I try to purchase a game from the oculus quest store it says Payments Unavailable we've noticed unusual payment activity on your account and for your security, payments have been disabled. Please contact support for assistance. I have alrea...

1_Jace_1 by Honored Guest
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Avatar/Voip volume based on position

I'm trying to figure out how to change the volume of the voip of a remote avatar based on distance from the player (i.e. if my friend is far away the volume is lower because they're far away). Has anyone achieved this or can point me the in right dir...