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Unity check Achievement count progress

Hi !I'm trying to get the progress of a count achievement. I can access Achievement.IsUnlocked and Achievement.Name but is there any way to get the current progress before it's unlocked.Something like Achievement.Countforeach (var newAchievement in m...

dyfer by Level 2
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Store front information from Platform API?

HiyaIm wondering if (or will it be) store information is available as an API.Forexample. In an app could I access the store API to display information about other apps (their name, id, images etc etc).So for example if I had 2-3 games , I could actua...

Error: OVR44841117

Hi. For some players calling CloudStorage.Save(...) does not work. The error message in the callback is OVR44841117.Does anyone know what does it mean? Is there any place where there are more meaningful descripion of the error messages?Thanks.

Wenkly by Level 2
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AsyncInitialize issue

Hi there,I'm currently working on setting entitlements in app and found some issue with async operation, espacially AsyncInitialize.It is kinda stuck and not processing, I had to use normal Initialize instead. In code below, the callback OnComplete i...

Platform SDK API request

Hey guys, I have a work-around for this issue already (two steps, update then query user score), but it would make ours lives much easier if the return value of the update user score call would return the new rank of the user instead of just a bool s...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Check if touch controller got plugged in/out

Hello there!I'm looking for a way that my game can use to check if touch controller got plugged in or out. I've searched the forum and found something about sensors but it's not my case.Also checked some code in plugin but couldn't find anything help...

Avengar by Level 2
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Resolved! Step by Step Entitlement in Unity

Hello, i hope someone can help me.I am new at Unity Development and have developed my first game.After uploading in Dashboard(Oculus) and checking through Oculus team. i have to do entitlement.My english is not very good, so i have problems to get wh...

adeade by Level 3
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ovr_User_GetImageUrl callback issue

I'm currently experiencing an issue where calling ovr_User_GetImageUrl on one of our test users doesnt return anything. This is done through a ovr_User_GetLoggedInUserFriends callback.All other information returns fine, but no image url and only for ...

MikeF by Level 10
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More than 2 Touch controllers in one session?

Hey everyone,I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to use more than 2 Touch controllers. From what I understand it's possible to use more than 2 Vive Wands in a single session. Sometimes people use this to make those cool mixed reality-video...

c0nn0r by Level 2
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Matchmaking.StartMatch() Error

Hi there,I'm using the Platform SDK in Unity for mobile [GearVR]. I'm creating a room with two users, enqueuing them through ovr_Matchmaking_Enqueue2() [Matchmaking.Enqueue2() in Unity], and then starting a match through ovr_Matchmaking_StartMatch() ...

Unresolved external symbol, how to fix it?

Hello there! So I've got some errors typed in title that are about:ovr_Error_GetMessage or ovr_User_GetIDHow can i solve them? I know that it's something with libraries? But cannot quite find solution for it I surely have all includes becouse code d...

Avengar by Level 2
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