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3d animation video content sell as app

Honored Guest
Hello, I'm working on an immersive animation in 360 stereoscopic, 
I intend to sell it at the oculus store, I developed an app,
which basically is a main room where the user can see information
about the film and choose subtitles, (English and Chinese)
and another where the animation plays, everything is working perfectly,
but I have several doubts. 1 - the app was developed at unity. I can put the embed video on the app. and so I believe the app will be around
8 gigs in size. what I think shouldn't be a problem.
I could put the video on a private host of mine and the app stream the video on the app,
is this allowed by oculus or recommended? but there if the user
has a bad internet I run the risk of the user experience not being good.
2 - 2 - if it is allowed to use an external host to play my animations.
how would I go about placing a purchasing system?
where would a scene from unity pull other scenes with the content?
3 - I currently think about putting an animation per app.
where the app would be sold. my only doubt is if i put the video
in the app or the app streams the video from a private host.
what oculus would recommend?