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6 Month Feedback - Sailboat use review

Honored Guest
I use my headset on a Sailboat and in a marine environment - which is exposed to dynamic motion ALOT. haha
I left a couple of notes here - sadly - I feel they may become lost to the ether, but so be it. C'est la Vie. 
I am happy to say - that when looking for news of updates or future direction of features - online YT videos are not my bag, and I am surprised all-the-time when I come to the meta site and find just the right amount of information, either about patch viability, new features or about general app and use case info. Love that. 
I wish I had an inside look on upcoming prospective features and experimental environments that y'all are testing. I do understand why tentative commitments are shied away from, Gen-Pop can be cruel in their choice of what the misconstrue. . (The wilds) 
I am excited about how you can push the envelope - and I wish I knew more about what y'all have tried versus what y'all have chosen to stick with. 

The website is great tho - I really enjoy the depth of content here. I like the high level discussion best, which can be harder to find. 
Dynamic Motion
I wish I knew how to help the stability. I will often get kicked out of apps, because of an anomaly of motion. and when the headset resets - I'll have to re-manage my windows. 
It would be nice if there was more reliance on anchoring to the room environment rather than anchoring via the gyro. I dunno if that would be a slider. 
The menu bar - while these resets happen, will default to center screen. while that is fine and well, while typing on my keyboard and mouse - my hand tracking will often graze over the menu and I will inadvertently click onto apps and what have yous. It would be nice if we could pin default positions for the menu. 

Actually - When it comes to UI, I sure do wish the whole environment was a little more 3D rather than a series of 2D windows. But these things will come. That probably has to do more with the website coding. My experience in the 'Softspace' app leaves me wanting! 
Since I use the headset in conjunction with Laptops in a fleet environment, and also in my personal life - It would be nice If I could have multiple logins; that I could casually switch (5 sec or less) - So I could have a professional environment and a personal environment - I don't want messages from my GF to pop up during a screening or tutorial with strangers. So That would be a nice bit of privacy filter. It would be a high-trust use case for me, so it could be a casual toggle. I can also see the use case of full "Guest" login or multiple logins (think windows) But that wasn't so much what I was getting at.