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A major breach of data protection law. Please be sure to fix it as soon as possible!

Honored Guest

Hello Meta,

I am facing a data protection issue that remains unresolved despite repeated requests to support. The support responses seem automated, which reinforces the impression that they have no direct contact with the development team. This problem has existed for years and not only violates data protection laws, but has also been widely reported without any change on the matter. Despite my direct report to support, the suggestion was to share my issue here so that the developers would be aware.

To explain the situation: I copied private media files to my glasses and deleted them after a few days because I also want to share my glasses with friends when they come to visit. However, I noticed that these files are automatically uploaded to the Meta Cloud if you don't turn off the corresponding option. I wasn't aware of this before and it would make more sense to leave the option off by default and turn it on when needed.

While researching community posts with the same problem, I learned that the only way to permanently delete the files after syncing the data on the glasses and the cloud is to select the "Delete and unsync" option on the glasses and they must be selected for all file individually. There is no option for bulk selection to remove files from the cloud too.

The real problem here is that if you delete the files only on the glasses without selecting the "Delete and Unsync" option like I did, those files will be deleted from the glasses only. However, if a synchronization took place beforehand, they will be trapped in the cloud forever. A response from support that such files would be automatically deleted after 14 days turned out to be incorrect - the files still exist in the cloud.

The fact that I don't have the ability to select and permanently remove my own files in the cloud is unacceptable. Neither through the Meta Mobile App nor through support do I have the authority to delete this data. This is a breach of data protection law that needs to be addressed urgently.

I expect a quick solution to this problem from Meta. As an employee, you have the opportunity to contact the development team directly and forward my concerns. I don't understand why I should write this here again. Ask for support. It is mandatory that such data protection issues are resolved promptly.

Thank you