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A suggestion to utilize magnetic-based cable instead of usb-c connection for oculus to PC connection

Honored Guest

So, I have used the Quest, Quest 2 and Quest Pro, and while the products had been mostly satisfactory, one of the most mind bugling issues I had was the relative unease of use of the USB-C connection mechanisms. While using the Oculus, many times I had to inadeptly move my position in a way to pull the cable, and in doing that I feel a sympathetic discomfort for my Oculus and the cable especially when it is forcibly pulled out with side friction, and as every time this occurs it decreases the life expectancy of the link-cable, the quest usb-c port and eventually the whole product use-cycle length. My quest began failing this way after a year or two, and it became very difficult for me to stably connect the usb-c cable so that pc tethering became unusable.

So why not implement a magnetic-attached cable attachment solution, so that every time the cable is pulled beyond thresholds it simply disconnects and fall off without inducing any sharp feeling of cable pulling and goldfinger-frictioning? I mean, for the design to be reliable it takes a little work, but the cable that is implemented on my LG DualScreen's second screen phone case is just reliable enough for me to think of it as a good prototyping start point. In addition to these pros, the magnetic-attachment mechanism is also less susceptible to debris and/or liquid damages as recently occurred to my oculus pro....