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APK only loads on certain Quest 2 headsets when using Vulkan backend with Symmetric Projection

Level 3

Our team has encountered an unusual error following our update to Unity LTS 2021.3.2f1. Our demo builds to some of our headsets, but not others. We believe it is the more recently purchased headsets that are having these issues. The APK attempts to load indefinitely.


This update broke Arm64 support for projects using IL2CPP, so we have temporarily swapped to Arm7. We are using the Vulkan rendering backend. The project fails to run specifically with symmetric projection enabled, and only on certain headsets. We're wondering what could cause this to run fine on some devices, but not on others, and we are interested seeing if others are also having issues which only exist on some Quest 2 headsets.


Level 3

Seeing the same (or similar) issue with Unity 2021.3.2 & 2021.3.3: Symmetric Projection cause some Quest 2 HMDs to fall into an endless three dot loading state, some just render black w/o loading dots, some actually crash with Vulkan errors and some work just fine.

Level 4

Have you checked debug output from adb if there are any warnings or errors?


You may also want to try updating to 2021.3.3f1 since there was one bugfix relating to Vulkan, probably not related from the description but who knows:

- Graphics: Fixed validation error on Vulkan when transitioning layout from VK_IMAGE_LAYOUT_PRESENT_SRC_KHR. (1380371)


Otherwise you should probably file a bug report with Unity. In this thread someone filed a bug report but didn't share the link so we can't vote on it, but I've heard the more people who report the same bug, the higher the chances it will be fixed sooner.

Level 3

It's 2021.3.3f1. I'll have to collect the exact log error; I don't get the error on my device, but my teammates do encounter the error all the time.  I'll report a bug and reply with that link as well.