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Ability to disable boundary / autodetect for Passthrough Applications / Permanent Passthrough mode


We are building a passthrough application. We are aiming to make it adaptable /scalable to a large amount of users, some who are not experienced gamers / VR / XR enthusiast. One of the biggest pain points, is when demo'ing to new users / potential clients / general public... is trying to walk them through setting up the boundary. Our app is utilizing passthrough. There should be no need for a boundary in passthrough mode. I notice it almost always correctly auto calculates the floor. In order to increase adoption for XR / Meta Quest... there should be ability to disable the boundary or have an auto boundary on the fly, when in a permanent passthrough mode / auto detection mode. I could understand the need for it in VR mode... but if you are using passthrough only / building a passthrough only app... and you are putting HMD's in Kiosk mode, it seems pointless / extra work every time you want to set up the HMD's. If setting up 5 - 10 HMDs in a large area for new users at once, this becomes a real pain point. Being able to setup the HMD for passthrough only mode will eliminate the potential liability risk of people running into stuff. Also bring back Kiosk mode for Quest for Business, and ability to upload APKs, the current Quest for Business is terrible and we must use third party solutions.



I have the same problem. While I could at least turn off the boundaries using this line in my AndroidManifest.xml:

<uses-feature android:name="com.oculus.feature.CONTEXTUAL_BOUNDARYLESS_APP" android:required="true" />

There is still always the question to create a new playspace when I'm currently not in a playspace which makes no sense for a mixed reality app. Is there also something that can turn this dialog off for a specific app if it is only using mixed reality?