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Accepting Group Presence invites inside the app

Level 3

Hi guys @OculusSupport ,


I'm implementing the multiplayer in my app using the Group Presence / Destinations APIs + Photon, using Unity 2020.


- I can't find a way to let the users accept an invitation without going to the Notifications panel in the Oculus menu. This is horrible, because most of the users cannot find the Invites after the Toast is hidden.

I've seen that in the old (to be deprecated) Rooms API we had the "Rooms.SetRoomInviteReceivedNotificationCallback", but I can't find anything similar for the Group Presence API.


Also, I can use "GroupPresence.SetInvitationsSentNotificationCallback", "GroupPresence.SetJoinIntentReceivedNotificationCallback", but there is no "GroupPresence.SetInvitationsReceivedNotificationCallback".


Does anyone have a clue about this??


Thanks in advance