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Alternating between or simultaneously using linear Locomotion and Teleporting

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My team is working on a Unity VR project using the Meta XR SDK version 60.0 targeting Quest devices.
We want to offer users the choice to switch between linear movement and teleportation whenever they want, so they can use whichever they feel more comfortable with.
However, we've encountered some unexpected incompatibilities between the two modes.

For linear movement we are using the OVR Player Controller with a Character Controller, as in the Core SDK's OVRPlayerController Prefab, and a TeleportInteractor is doing the teleporting.

Each on their own are working fine, but when the PlayerController and CharacterController are active, the player avatar is often getting thrown across the scene, seemingly bouncing off environment geometry, possibly even the ground. And when we try to set up a toggle, deactivating the Player/Character Controllers in favor of teleporting, deactivating them after they have already been in play messes with the teleport height, usually setting the viewpoint at knee height.

Has anyone here found a way to use both at the same time or toggle between them cleanly, like we are trying to?

Thanks in advance for every hint and suggestion what we could try!



Custom controller with dash instead. Will drop your comfort rating on the store, but so satisfying.