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An open letter to developers regarding ADA friendliness for the visually impaired

Level 8

Here are some "tips," regarding ADA compliance for the visually impaired...

  • Floating popups and menus should STAY STILL. I am blind in one eye, and it pisses me off, when a floating menu, popup or dialog box keeps moving with my head. THIS MEANS YOU, Forever Bowl. Your last update presented me with a floating popup I couldn't close, because it kept moving with my head, whenever I tried aiming for the "X" (close) icon in the upper right corner.

Hello WOOORLD -- In addition to menus, popups & dialog boxes that won't stay still...

  • Use the text size preference in the Quest accessibility settings; or allow me to get closer to the floating menu, popup or dialog box.
  • Stop using semi-transparent menus, popups and dialog boxes in passthrough mode, or give me the option to replace passthrough mode with a black void.
  • Use a heavier font type. I swear, those font strokes must be only 1 point thick. This make the help text especially unusable.
  • Why is it so hard to see the button choices, in your dialog boxes?

Kudos to ALCOVE

  • I can turn off antialiasing of text.
  • Floating menus, popups and dialog boxes stay still.
  • I can actually walk up to, and get close to floating menus and popups. I fact, I can walk right through them, if I wanted to 🤣
  • All text presented in ALCOVE follows the Quest text preferences, accessibility settings.

Thank You