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Any courses for Oculus Quest optimization in Unity?

Honored Guest
I was just curious if there were any courses anyone has come across which focus on optimizing your Unity scene for Oculus? I'm new to the VR space and working on a VR meeting room project for work.  We tend to rapidly develop ideas for our demos, so my current scene is a merger of scripts I have written and models I've made to ones we have purchased on the asset store. I recently came across RenderDoc in my research and am amazed at what I can do, however after looking at a frame capture, I'm finding that I have much to learn in this space and would love to find an organized course or book that can take me through what a professional that is optimizing a scene for the quest would go through.  I will be reading through the RenderDoc documentation now, but thought I would post here as well to see if anyone had come across anything they'd recommend (paid or free). Any info would be great.