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Automatic boundary for guardian from depth map too small



great that the depth sensor is now used to propose a boundary.

However, while this is OK for some use-cases, it really needs to be improved latest when working together with scene data, space sense and the like.

I tried to place touchable objects on planes of walls and the like, but the guardian kicks in before I can really touch that.

The reason is that the boundary is a very round shape with notable distance from anything around and on the floor.

Also it does not persist when you turn around while mapping and loses details it already had.

  1. Please, first, ensure that it does not forget details it already learned and perhaps also let in learn on the go to improve further while walking around.
  2. If there are objects detected surrounded by the floor, allow to ignore them and just have space sense for them/ extra planes in the scene.
    When you have some moveable chairs or the like it is really hard to place something with some size dynamically in the boundary.
  3. When one adds furniture near to the boundary, please ask whether one wants to align both, so the boundary ends exactly before the furniture/ plane.
  4. Last, please allow multi-room. Really bad if people cannot stay in VR/ MR to get something to drink in the kitchen.