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I have multiple scenes each that require the player to start facing a UI screen when the scene(s) loads. Despite hours of searching I have found no reliable solution as yet!
I'm sure it's something the the XR interaction toolkit guys really should focus on.
When you launch your VR game the XROrigin & Camera orientations of direction do not follow the splash screen direction(Unity Logo). I have tested starting my game, standing at a certain rotation angle while the splash screen appears. This puts me in whatever rotation. I then quit the app and physically turn 90 degrees and then start the app again. My orientation is turned to the corresponding 90 rotation, indicating that it does not orientate from the splash screen it orientates from your boundary setup I think!
Wouldn't it be much simpler for the XR interaction toolkit to provide a RESET functionality? Such that when you load your game or a scene, a RESET call would take the whole rig, block and disable the camera (instant FadeOut like teleport does), and then reset the camera Y rotation to zero and also zero out the camera position to the XROrigin position. Then re-enable the camera (quick Fadein like teleport does).
This way you could set the XROrigin to a target (GO) position and rotation and the RIG would comply to those position and rotation values of said target.
This code below puts the XROrigin in the correct target position, but if I walk away from center or physically turn that becomes a positional and rotational offset.
var rotationAngleY = MainCamera.transform.rotation.eulerAngles.y - targetTeleportLocation.transform.rotation.eulerAngles.y;
PlayerXR_Origin.transform.position = targetTeleportLocation.transform.position;
What I need is to be able to recenter the CAMERA to the XROrigin *(simple in theory) but I have not discovered a way!
InputTracking.Recenter - This only works with seated and standing experiences. Room scale experiences are not affected by Recenter and I see tons of issues with people trying to implement.
Jeez how hard can it be for XR guys to integrate this? It seems absoloutely STUPID not to have this simple functionality!
Sorry for the Rant but please see this as constructive criticsim and gives us what's needed.