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Best non-tech way to load internal .APKs onto Quest2's (for internal research / user testing)

Honored Guest
I need to identify the quickest/easiest way to help non-technical mac-using co-workers get non-public .APK tests onto Quest2 test devices.
SideQuest was the easiest way with Quest1's, but SideQuest is not recognizing our Quest2's as connected.

Is this just a matter of needing a specific cable? Is it an unsolvable Mac problem?
Or is there an easier (remote) solution to help a non-technical mac-user drop a new internal .APK test onto their Quest2

(I'm using VR for internal research tests at a fortune 50 corp - these things will never be publish externally)

I am guessing you probably forgot to put your Quest 2 in developer mode. Its device specific when you do that. But having your account already made into a developer account, it should just be a matter of using the Oculus app on the phone, while having a connection with the Quest 2 to put it in developer mode like with the Quest 1.