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Best settings for multiplayer shared space? Going creazy

Hi everyone, I have a VR escape room where players move freely in spaces from 30m2 up to 60m2.
At the moment I use 2 points, defined at the beginning of the game with the joypad to have reference points and these 2 points are spatial anchors.
I have the problem that the spatial anchors often move during the game, moving the whole room.
I also have the problem that the headset, especially in large rooms, often loses tracking and the player is randomly tossed around the room. Even more often it happens that the player's height change continusly...
I use Unity, meta core Sdk 62, Gles, traking origin Stage (enabled in settings), floor, eye (all this gave this problems) and I disable the Guardian from the developer settings. Cloud Points are enabled in privacy settings.
I noticed that when a headset shifts a lot, just activate the Gardian, redo them and then deactivate them again from the developer settings and this solves the problem for a while.
I'm going crazy with this problem, it didn't do this until 4/5 months ago!
Any solution? I don't know where to turn my head anymore.
I am also willing to pay for a solution, if so write to me in DM


The problem  is Meta are lazy ALL the **bleep** bloody Guardian nodes and settings and support is only for the Rift
the Quest 1/2/3 and Pro do not for some dumb reason support any of the guardian nodes in the documentation