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Call to Action: Addressing Mixed Reality Capture Compatibility on Meta Quest

Honored Guest

The Meta Quest platform has significantly advanced virtual reality (VR) experiences, with mixed reality (MR) capture being a pivotal tool for creators and educators. However, recent updates have introduced compatibility issues, notably affecting MR capture with popular tools like Reality Mixer. This has hindered creators’ ability to produce engaging content, impacting the VR community’s growth and innovation. We’re calling on Meta to address these compatibility challenges, to empower creators with the tools needed for captivating MR content. Your support and insights are invaluable as we advocate for these enhancements.


Honored Guest

I came to this forum by looking for a solution to this problem. I just got a Quest 3 and several rhythm games and I wanted to do this Mixed Reality capture to record myself in the game. WHY is this not a priority? It's crazy. Please fix this. It will let me have more fun with my family and friends and get them into VR more.