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Can an app turn off guardian wall rendering?

Hello all,

I'm developing a room-scale game which procedurally generates its play area to fit strictly inside the boundary polygon, so there's no need for the guardian wall to be rendered while the user is playing, and having it show up when the player gets close detracts from the experience.  Is there a way for an app to turn it off while it's running?  To be clear, I don't want to disable the guardian system or headset tracking; I just don't want the guardian to be drawn.


Level 3

The user can change how close to the boundary they can get before Guardian starts to render.  There is also a literal 'room scale' setting for Guardian which I've never used but may change the behavior for Guardian rendering.  Guardian rendering can only be disabled by the user if the headset is in developer mode.  I don't think any of the settings can be changed by the app.