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Can't apply LocomotionExample scene to my project

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Hello all. I am quite new to developing for VR, and have been attempting to work through the tutorials Meta gives for Quest 2 development using Unity. I did the Playground Tutorials ( to set up hand tracking and using controllers, and want to move on to locomotion.


I acquired the Locomotion sample, and have been trying to follow along with this: I can get the sample compiled and running on my quest 2, however, I can not get the tutorial working on my project.


I followed the parts for the tutorial to try to accomplish locomotion with my Right hand (I can move onto Left hand and controller locomotion once this aspect is working) - which involves adding LocomotionHandInteractorGroup to your hand, creating a Locomotion GameObject, and copying in some mesh files from the sample. As far as I can tell, everything I have added to my scene matches the equivalent piece in the sample (and it looks like I am aligned with what the tutorial is asking of me as well.) However, when I try to run the sample on my quest it's as if nothing has changed or anything has been added - the right hand does not let me move around the world. Its as if I have added no new code.

I have attached a screengrab below, demonstrating the structure of my scene, and also what LocomotionHandInteractorGroup looks like. Aside from that, everything else should match what comes out of the default tutorial. 

One cause I thought of might be that in the Locomotion tutorial, it asks you to set the "Active State Finger Visual component". However, I cannot tell where I am meant to do this. Furthermore, I cannot find anything resembling this in the Locomotion Sample Scene. Since it appears not to be part of the Sample Scene, I feel it may not be important?

I have also tried bringing over the "Tutorial" part of the sample scene, and even this has no apparent effect on my scene. 

If anyone has any advice, or if I can post more details, please let me know. I am happy to share my scene as well if that is helpful 






i also following the same tutorial that meta gives, but I stuck on Adding Locomotion Interactors for Controllers

where I didn't find any Locomotion Samples and I didn't even get the locomotion example scenes with the SDK


anyway I'm adding Active State Finger Visual component on LocomotionHandInteractorGroup prefabs and doing what the tutorial mentioned and jumped to adding TeleportHotspot but nothing worked