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Can't find more settings to access developer mode on Oculus app (quest 2)

Honored Guest

I'm signed up successfully as a developer on Oculus. My headset is synced to my phone app perfectly, it says it's connected. I want to go into developer mode through the app, and every tutorial I find on how to achieve this says I have to access settings to do so. However, there are only two settings options I can find -- Account Settings, and Privacy Settings. Neither of these contains what I'm looking for. Supposedly there is a "more settings" option somewhere, but it doesn't seem to exist. Why won't it allow me to go into Developer Mode on the app?



I'm having this same issue — following to see if it gets resolved.

Resolved: I quit the mobile app and restarted it, and the "Developer Mode" setting showed up. Hope that helps.

Honored Guest

I'm having the same issue. I can't see "more settings" in the Oculus app. I've registered a new company, created a new Facebook account, logged into that account on both the Facebook app, browser and Oculus app. I've quit, uninstalled, reinstalled the app on both an Android and iOS device. I can not see the "more settings" on the app at all and therefore have no way to turn on developer mode. This is a serious pain ITA.


For me, with the newest update of the Oculus app on my phone, the option to turn on developer mode is in the 'Devices' tab as seen in this video: