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Can't set correct guardian floor level

Level 7

Update V40 seems to have broken my floor settings. Every time I try to set the floor level for guardian or space setup (new), the floor is always detected about 2 inches to a foot ABOVE the actual floor, and actually goes HIGHER when I stand up from placing the controller on the floor. - broken JUST IN TIME to be an issue when I'm learning to use the new space setup tools and SDK.


I am so frustrated, and hoping that someone has a solution or can confirm that they have the same issue so I can be confident that its a "bug" and will be fixed in a future update. I'm having tons of fun playing with the new XR Spatial Anchor tools they released alongside of "The World Beyond" demo, (which impressed me MUCH more than I thought it would), but the space setup is very wonky when the floor isn't in the right place, as it seems to be the basis of all the calculations.


It doesn't appear to be a tracking issue: my cameras are clean, the room is properly lit (been using the same room for years), batteries in controllers are fresh, tracking frequency changed from auto to 60hz, factory restored - everything I can think of.


[edit: I'm 6'2" - I wonder if other "tall" people are experiencing this?]


Anyone else having the issue or have a solution?


Level 7

Ok. I had NO idea that you could raise and lower the ground level with the thumbstick. Solved my immediate problem, and maybe the entire general issue - I'll play with it a bit more when I get home tonight.