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Can't test IAP: "something went wrong"

Honored Guest

I completed following steps to integrate IAP into the app:
-  Data Use Checkup is completed and approved;
- IAP are enabled on dashboard;
- Addons are created, all of them have SKU, name, price, description and published status;
- On the app's side, I use IAP.LaunchCheckoutFlow(sku) function to purchase the item (sku might be hardcoded);
- I use test user which is added to my organization;
- The build is uploaded to release channel; age group is set; test user is added to channel;
- The "Always succeeds" card is added to test user.

Then in the app I can call the dialogue window and pick the test card. After that I receive the message: "Something went wrong. We're having trouble completing your request. Try again." It doesn't matter how many times I try, it is the same message without any error or information. If I pick "cancel", now it gives me an error: "The purchase has been canceled."
I checked everything but can't understand what I am doing wrong. How to deal with that problem? In what direction should I move to detect the problem?

Free items are possible to acquire.


Honored Guest

Having the exact same issue in one of my apps. After punching in the purchase pin code, "Something went wrong" will pop up.

Other apps in my organization work fine, but one app just cannot finish the IAP flow.