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Cannot Enable Developer Mode on Mobile Despite Having All Requirements Met

Honored Guest

I have been having trouble turning on "Developer Mode" in the Meta mobile App. When I try, it sends me to a help page, which sends me to secondary authentication.

I have been verified in the past and already completed secondary authentication with Duo mobile and, again, with Google authenticator, so I am at a loss how to move forward since the required steps are completed but it's still acting as though they haven't been

No matter what I try, how often I reset my headset/app/phone/etc and how often I've gone through the "Get Started" article, I am met with this:

This has been especially frustrating because my headset was working perfectly until the update and now it's just a useless perpetual loop to an article where it should just be a simple on/off toggle. How completely unnecessary! I literally already used Secondary Authentication to Log-in. I just want to be able to work on my Unity games and Meta has gotten increasingly convoluted and bogged down with updated and out-dated nonsense on top of each other

Is this a common issue? Is there a way to override this bug? 

Please, help- I've had this issue for over a month and contacting support has directed me here


Honored Guest

I had a similar issue and discovered you need to enable the phone verification for MFA. I guess it's because it's also an Id check and the authenticator app doesn't tie you to a specific device.