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Cannot disable Guardian anymore

Level 3

Some serious issues here on a couple of Quest units (one with v34, the other with v35)

Once I turn Guardian off in the Developer menu (BTW, congrats for messing the UI up in v35...) I can still see the boundaries and as soon as I walk outside passthrough kicks in... a couple of other units (v33) work perfectly, but the updated ones are buggy. Is it just me?


I tried to disable and re-enable developer mode in the app, cleared the location history... it just gets stuck.

Sometimes I cannot even enable Guardian anymore, the button turns blue, but cannot define a new area, but still I cannot disable the existing one... Since I'm testing a free roaming app (10x10 meters with no active boundaries) I NEED this badly.


It's an hit and miss situation: upon reboot sometimes it works just once and then gets stuck again, sometimes it boots like that no matter what.


It might help to know that I'm using AirLink and I need to set the floor from there... maybe AirLink is messing with the Quest OS? Seems a pretty serious bug to me anyway.


EDIT: Under further investigations, it turns out that you MUST reboot the Quest in order to activate/deactivate Guardian boundaries control... not useful at all if you need to activate/deactivate multiple times per session for testing purposes!


Level 2


I made a tutorial how I explain how to disable Guardian on Quest but also how keep the real view with Passthrough mode enable (french and english)
Disable Guardian but enable Passthrough Quest.png



Hope can help you 😉


Rodolphe from