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Cannot modify spatial data(walls and furniture) after room scanning on Quest 3

Honored Guest

We need to set up an 11x11 meter area for an MR game, and our app will generate MR scene base on scene data.

Please find our scanning steps below:

  1. Physical Space > Space Setup > Setup
  2. Walk through the space for room scanning until the mesh polygon is fully covered
  3. Once scanning is complete, the auto-generated walls and furniture appear in my view

However, the walls are not blue as usual, they are red. When I try to modify them, nothing happens(no pop-up window or any feedback at all).

I expected a pop-up window to confirm deletion or a ‘+’ symbol on the lower left/right to modify or add new walls, but nothing is triggered except for the setup completion pop-up to end the process (pop-up as image below).


I apologize for not having a capture during the scanning process. The image was captured in the “edit” managed spaces, where I can no longer modify or capture the red walls.

To clarify, this issue occurs after the room scanning is completed, but the auto-generated walls and furniture cannot be modified.

Could this be due to the high black ceiling?

Is there any way to force edit walls? Any workaround for this problem?