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Cannot pass VRC.Quest.Performance.3 on a built Unity APK


We are struggling to hit the 4 second requirement for AppLab submissions in Unity 2019.4.7f1. Our app takes around 8 seconds to hit our empty scene except a canvas image and some text. Upon testing a sideloaded standard empty URP project with the Oculus SDK it takes longer than 4 seconds just to get into an empty scene with nothing but the default URP and Oculus SDK assets!! A splash screen seem to doesn't improve this at all either? - Worth noting that we are still needing to use the Legacy Oculus VR SDK as we need to remain cross-platform with SteamVR for the PC client.


I was wondering how it's possible that apps like Superhot and Beat Saber have managed to have a logo above the three Quest loading dots. And if that's something we would be able to set up for our app and would be appropriate to meet the VRC.Quest.Performance.3 criteria?


I have done much Googling for this and have come up completely short, this is completely stumping me so I hope someone can help!



I implemented this for my Quest app running Unity OpenXR by following the 2 steps in this blog post about splash screens.

  1. Add your Splash Screen PNG under assets/vr_splash.png

  2. Update your manifest to include the following -> <meta-data android:name="com.oculus.ossplash" android:value="true"/>